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from: Chris James

Harmony and Unison

I just had to get permission from Eleni to post her comment from the evening workshop in Mackay last week. When we allow ourselves to connect with each other without any shield, when we let go of the mask, the results can be truly awesome THANK YOU once again for sharing and presenting an amazing workshop. What a truly amazing and beautiful feeling experienced... Initially tears streamed down my face, I felt filled, and joy through my body. Like one gentleman said, you actually feel you can sing and like the sound of your own voice, it’s unreal. The harmony and unison of the group was so lovely. Facing the men, them looking at us and visa versa when singing, now that is confronting in itself. However it was so lovely to look, listen, sing and not turn away. That was big for me, I’d normally feel self conscious, it was awesome. The men were great and the women, BEAUTIFUL! The highlight and most amazing thing for me, was my chest opening and radiating. Whilst I have felt on previous occasions my expression with my mouth, brows and face, the other night, I felt it in my body in a different way. I felt my diaphragm and stomach muscles working in tune with my voice, with no effort or force. My chest expanding outwardly...WOW!!! Never felt anything like it. It was like someone got their hands, and ripped open my chest (in a gentle way) from the centre and pulled it right out past my arms and shoulders and exposed my heart. It’s so hard to describe the feeling. THANK YOU AGAIN J))) Eleni Karambasis

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