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Harvest Time

Writing this at the time of the harvest moon I have been reflecting on what it means to harvest something. Living and working on 35 acres, in the mountains of northern New Mexico, at this time of the year we are bringing in the bounty of the harvest. Our gardens have produced abundant crops this year, atomic red carrots, red and yellow onions, summer and winter squashes of all varieties, cauliflower, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, little cantaloupes and baby watermelons, and so much more. We’ve built an amazing root cellar and we’ve been storing things for the winter months, learning to can the way our grandmother’s did, we’ve also put up many quarts of tomatoes, salsa and zucchini pickles. Each year we attempt something new this year it is dehydration, and we’ve now dried pears and tomatoes. This is just one type of harvest.

The other harvesting that feels so rich with possibilities is the growing awareness of and respect for all types of sound and music as modalities to promote optimal health. I’ve just started a doctoral program in psychology and have been exploring the research that is available to the “serious scholar” there is so much that has been published in scientific peer reviewed journals, that speaks to the efficacy of the work we are all engaged in. Again it is harvest time. A time to collaborate and recognize the contributions being made in our respective fields, Reaping the bounty of something that we’ve worked for and put a lot of effort into, rejoicing in our success, and seeking new opportunities for collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Fall is also the time of the Metal element in Oriental medicine this is a time when the autumn winds will often cause drying.  Not only do the leaves loose their moisture and turn colors, but people also begin to show signs of dryness feeling the impact of this natural cycle, which can often impact the lungs, which correspond to the metal element. Allergies associated with this time often present as symptoms of dryness in the lungs with associated dry, hacking cough, and dryness of the nasal passages that can produce blood when sneezing or when blowing the nose.  This can be accompanied by thirst and, possibly, by a low-grade feverish feeling. The best way to fend off the dryness of autumn is to prepare the body by nourishing our yin and supporting the immune system.

In Acutonics, although there are many more complex approaches to treating the lungs a basic strategy is to work with the what we call the Full Moon 6th to nourish yin, the Earth Day 5th  to boost the immune function, and Ohm Unison will support and balance. The full moon 6th, combines the energy of Ohm and the full moon, the new moon 5th, would combine the energy of Ohm with the new moon, and the Earth Day 5th represents the earth spinning on its own access in the 24 hour day which is highly generative.

The moon is the fullest representation of yin in our system. If you don’t have tuning forks, simply hold the point and image the bright white light, of the full moon flowing into your lungs to nourish them. If you are not familiar with acupuncture points all of these can be found through a web search or are shown in our first book, Acutonics There’s No Place Like Ohm, as well as our new book, Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine, which will be available in mid November. Here is a simple protocol to nourish the lungs.

LU 9 (Great Abyss) the source point of the lung is used to nourish the yin and moisten the lungs, we would follow it with the Earth Day 5th to strengthen the lung function.

LU 1 (Central Treasury) Earth Day 5th to strengthen the lungs, and Full moon 6th would be used to build the yin and consolidate lung function.

To alleviate cough and balance the lungs:

LU 7 (Broken Sequence) we would use the Full Moon 6th to moisten the lung and soothe the hacking cough.

Ren 17 (Chest Center) Ohm Unison to harmonize and balance the lung energy.

To strengthen the immune system:

ST 36 (Leg three Li) is used to strengthen the immune system and to build the core energy of the body, we would apply the Earth Day 5th.

To open and moisten the nasal passages:

LI 4 (Union Valley) is used to open the nose and moisten the nasal passages, apply the New Moon 5th and follow with the Full Moon 6th.

KID 6 (Shining Sea) is used to nourish the core Yin within the body, apply the

Full Moon 6th, this will also address thirst and low-grade fever

This simple treatment protocol works with the basic Acutonics tuning forks the Earth Moon Professional Set, but as mentioned above if you don’t have the forks simply hold the points and bring in the energy of the Earth and the Moon.

Several days ago we received our copy of the printed signatures for Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony, and Medicine, This is the step right before binding.  It was such a powerful moment. Holding the assembled and printed pages in our hands, looking at the amazing production quality from our printer. We are reminded of the countless hours, late nights, and numerous challenges that it took to get to this stage. It's hard to find words to articulate what this harvesting of ideas truly represents. This book is a truly collaborative harvesting of ideas, written by Donna Carey, who brings her wisdom and knowledge of science, Oriental medicine and mysticism, and contributed original poetry, my contributions on myths, archetypes and correspondence theory, and two of our senior Acutonics faculty and long-time practitioners, Paul and Jude Ponton have written the clinical applications. MichelAngelo, a colleague with a background in classical music and opera has contributed the musical pieces. It feels like a birth that had a very long gestation period. It represents the culmination of more than 15-years of research, teaching and clinical experience. This comprehensive, full-color hardback book explores our relationship to the cosmos, demonstrating the vastness, power, and direct connection between planetary influences and human experiences. It bridges between art and science, Oriental Medicine, Depth Psychology and sound healing principles; sharing many recent scientific advances, and an exploration of myths and archetypes, exploring the ways in which the collective vibrations of the universe impact our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

This full color, hard-back book, also includes new information on the use and application of precision-calibrated planetary tuning forks on acupuncture points, trigger points, and points of pain; a fresh new look at the eight extraordinary vessels; over 350 photos including many NASA/JPL images, treatment shots, and beautiful drawings from Gail Geltner. We are also bringing out a case study companion guide for Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells: with more than sixty clear case study examples of specific protocols for a wide variety of conditions. (Books will be available for purchase in November.)

Wishing each of you a time of abundant harvest, for your ideas, visions, passions, and gardens.

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