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Healing Sound Gong Essences

I am delighted toannounce the launch of the Healing Sound Gong Essences. My magnificent 60”Universal gong is the inspiration behind these. I don’t travel with this gong – it’s just too big, and so it is a static gong that is available to clients who visit me personally for a gongbath. Not everyone is able to get to Devon to experience the awesome healing power of this amazing gong, which was made by Master gong-maker the late Walter Meyer, from whom I bought it. The idea came about to produce a vibrational essence that would contain the energy of its sound vibrations, so that people elsewhere could experience it energetically. The Healing Sound Gong Essences were born from this idea, and I have added four others to the range, so five gong essences are available at present. There will be more.
I have a new Gong Essence website at this link : where you can find details about the gongs used to make them. My main website : has been re-jigged to include a Products page where there is also information about the new gong essences as well as my books and CD’s, and everything can be purchased in the Online Shop. I will be taking the gong essences to workshops and eventstoo.
Here’s a little more info about them :- Healing Sound Gong Essences are almost certainly the first gong essences to be produced worldwide.They are made from Dartmoor spring water with a minute amount of alcohol added as a preservative. They are made ceremonially in an environment that is both physically and energetically clean, clear and light. Making them is a sacred process. They are therefore very pure, and are powerful tools for personal growth and self development. They enable healing on all levels – physical,mental, emotional and spiritual – in a similar way to the actual gong sounds. In particular they work on our subtle energy field and Chakra system : clearing blocks, creating flow, and rebalancing our being energetically, thus addressing any issues at a causal level before they arrive in the physical.
The Gong essences currently available are :
60” WM Universal Gong,
38” Symphonic Heart Gong,
24” WM Encouragement Gong,
32” Mercury Throat Chakra Gong,
34” Symphonic Harmony Gong.
Gong Essences can be used by those needing the frequency of one particular gong at this time on their life journey. They also have a practical purpose, in that they can be taken by anyone considering buying a certain Planet gong, for instance, to see what effect it is likely to have on them, before they commit to purchasing thatgong. If you want further informationon vibrational essences and how they work, I suggest visiting my friend Nikki Wyatt’s website at this link :
Do email or PM me for an,information flyer or further details if you are interested.
All Gong Essences are ©SheilaWhittaker, Healing Sound. All rights reserved.

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