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Karina Schelde
Category: Sound Healing

Karina Schelde's Personal Journey into Sounding

Karina Schelde’s Personal Journey into Sounding

One of my first vocal trainings was at ‘Roy Heart Theatre’ in France. It was a blast of a birthing process. Since classically trained opera singers, who did not teach me how to access the SOUL of my voice, had trained me - I experienced a tremendous freedom through releasing all the sounds and tones that wanted to come through me. I had stuffed so much inadequacy in my voice, to the very core of my being, I was afraid of not doing it right and not hitting the right notes! In the trainings I could allow my spontaneous voice to express any sounds. Many of them originated from suppressed emotions and inadequacy and were now transformed into blissful singing and sounding.

I practiced all notes on the scale and all notes off the scale. Indeed, it was not to be distinguished, because I was told it is what is behind the voice that matters… My intention. My dedication. My presence. My feelings.

My yearning and passion for expressing authentically was growing fast and I started to make sounds that I had never dreamt were possible to express. I worked dramatically with my voice and learned how to surrender more and more to the inner knowingness of what my voice naturally wanted to express. I eventually came in contact with that voice which is directly linked to Source; the Soul Voice. I began to co-create with a force that was grander than me and my ego went on retreat!

I discovered that each tone and each sound has a total unique message and that it is not possible to express a false note or a wrong sound. I also realized that the normal sound barriers of our vocal range are an artificial restriction, including the vocal range divided by gender. Whether you are male or female, you can heal any conditions that hinder you in embodying the full range of the vocal scale, seven octaves or more!

I had my first initiation with sounding two decades ago, while giving a bodywork session to a client in my Healing Center in Denmark. I had been working with the client on an intense pain in the abdomen area, an even after two previous sessions I was still not able to relieve any of the pain. Suddenly sounds started to pour out of me in a sensation as if I was going to burst into a song that had, for a long time, been waiting to be expressed through me.

It was like nothing else I had ever experienced. It felt like the sounds came not only from the Earth but from everywhere. I was overwhelmed, as I had no idea that I was capable of expressing these awesome sounds. It felt as if the sounds did not belong to me, but rather that I was the instrument that Source used to bring the sacred sounds into my client. Most of the time I was in a trance state, captivated by the sound initiation I was experiencing. It lasted about ten minutes and then it was over… the sound stopped by client’s pain was gone and I was convinced that I had heard my true calling.

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