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Category: Sound Healing

Healing with the Rattle

Healing with the Rattle

The sound of the rattle helps to break up stagnant energy within the body. If you sit quietly and shake a rattle, the sound will help you to clear your mind and open a doorway to different realities.

Shamans make rattles using materials that possess power for spirit work (e.g. bear’s claws). The shaman’s rattle holds great power; as a result some shamans keep their rattles in special medicine bags.

The sound of the rattle helps the shaman to go into a trance state to connect with the Helping Spirits. The Helping Spirits show the shaman how to help those in need.

Some shamans use the rattle to dispel illness and disease, while others use it in ritual and celebration. The rattle can also be used for grounding. 

Shamans believe that the rattle possesses a life and persona of it’s own. When the shaman plays the rattle it awakens it’s spirit and assists the shaman in communicating with the spiritual realms.

Uses for Rattles

- Invocation of Spirits 

- Space Clearing (breaking up and clearing away any unwanted energies)

- Healing of Self or Client 

- Aura Work (clearing and releasing old patterns)

- Meditation and Journeying

- Grounding

- For Divination 

The rattle is perfect for all these purposes. It’s sound has the benefit of not travelling too far so it won’t disturb your neighbours.

Rattles can be used at the beginning of ceremonies and rituals to ensure that there is no negativity in the place where they are happening.

This is an extract from my book 'Shamanic Healing' which is the course book for my Soul Retrieval Course. For details of the course please go to

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