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from: Joshua Leeds

Hello friends of intentional music and sound;

In light of the dramatic re-emergence of American power politics and blame, definitions of SOUND catch my attention. The adjective, SOUND, is defined as “based on truth or right.” The noun, SOUND, is “an auditory impression or noise without meaning.” These definitions make me scratch my head and wonder what about my current relationship to sound. As societal shifts intensify, I’ve been thinking a lot about relevance and soundwork.

Set against the backdrop of sociological, economic and environmental urgencies, I find this ‘relevance’ question burning deeply within. One of the reasons I’m honored to be a featured author with Sound Travels, is the opportunity to engage in dialogue with sound and music thought-leaders outside the American purview.

As a dedicated soundworker, I now look to broader considerations around sound. As a founding member of the US-based Sound and Music Alliance, I question my colleagues about what does it mean to be a professional soundworker? Is it enough to have a professional license and adhere to a professional code of ethics? What is our responsibility, as professionals, to make a difference in today’s challenging world?

Can we be guardians of sound and man-made frequencies? Can we step up and champion positive sound awareness? How will we be an effective force within cultures that are re-arranging? Where are the windows of opportunity and how and where does this sound community play a vital role in the world of 2010 and 2020?

Political activism, community awareness, sustainability (inner and outer), health and balance, love for others and ourselves, 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds!

These are the questions and considerations on my sound plate these days. I look forward to being a part of a social movement in which sound awareness (in varied manifestations) is important. After all, who thinks more about vibration and frequency than soundworkers?

I look forward to hearing from you! After all, there is really only one of us here. How can we use sound and music so ‘here’ is a very cool place to be?

Much to think about… Much to discuss.

Come join me.

- Joshua Leeds

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