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Fabien Maman
from: Fabien Maman
Category: Sound Healing

Holding Space for Healing

*‘In ancient practice of energy, there was much more spacein time. We still honoured the laws of nature and the universe, which createdspace for our auric fields and chakras to balance themselves….

Today we have lost our link to the rhythms of nature.Nothing is simple anymore because everything is too fast. We live in alienbuildings cut off from the outside world. Electric and electronic radio wavesdestroy our subtle fields’ abilities to balance themselves. We travel by carand airplane!

As a sound healer and teacher, it is extremely difficult totravel around the world to strange places and create an instant healingenvironment for my students. In reality, I would need to bring 21 acousticinstruments in my bag and play them continuously from feet to head, with a fullrange of overtones, to clear and hold space in the room, so that the healingand regeneration of the chakras and auras of the people can begin. It was impossible to attempt this, so I recorded my ‘Resonanceof Ancestral Memories CD’. If you listen to it, you will feel what I am talkingabout.

The Shamanic Approach to Sound:

Fabien Maman inherited adirect transmission of the Ancient Practice of Kototama from his master, Sensei Nakazono, who he accompanied until the end in Santa Fe. Kototamais the ancient Science of Pure Sound, the vibration of energy of the verb. Theverb is the action behind the Soul, the vibration that moves the Soul. Kototamapractice could be called a meditation of sound, that contains cosmic memoriesof the sound structure of the universe as well as vibrational influences ofcivilisations past, present, and future. At the same time, the sound sciencereaches through the resonance with the five elements and acupuncture theory.

A longpreparation within ourselves is required before we can practice the ‘ShamanicWay’ of using instrumentsand voice in the aura.


ThThe impact ofacoustic sound is stronger than we are able to understand mentally. In order,to allow the first contact tosoak slowly and deeply into our subtle fields, we must first deepen ourrelationship withourselves andthe Universe, through cultivation of Sound, Color, Chi Movement and Meditation. Harmonising theChakras and the Aura with instruments around the body is certainly fascinating partof this work because it touches at the same time, the scientific and shamanicsides of harmonising withSound and Color in the energy field…..We tune eachchakra withspecific acoustic instruments which resonate with the element  that is linked with each chakra. Pureacoustic instruments are made of the same elements found in nature…. When weharmonise withthe elements of nature, we create a two-way healing effect. As we refine ourenergies, healing ourelements within, the nature itself, receives our resonance,  just as we receive theresonancefromnature. Eachinstrument can be tuned to the pitch of the chakra.’


Join myself, Terres and Carrie in the UK (and Paris) to find out more and startto learn the healing arts of Kototama and the Shamanic approach of Harmonisingwith Acoustic Sound. Please see our Autumn Training Schedule in the ‘Events’ page(Kototama Oct 27/28 in London. Shamanic Trainings Oct 31-Nov 4 in Leicestershire)

*Above exerts from the Tao of Sound by Fabien Maman with Terres Unsoeldsold via the Tama-Do Academy


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