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Narayana Grace
Category: Sound Healing

How Do We Stay Connected?

Today I feel encouraged to write about continuity and follow up in relation to all the work we do as healers, facilitators and as students of life. There are so many wonderful vibrational healing techniques available these days and so many wonderful connections and synchronicities that are bringing everyone together to recognise that we are all working towards the same thing; to raise our consciousness; to connect in more heartfelt and meaningful ways and to evolve our souls. 
I believe its most important that we STAY CONNECTED after we have experienced healing, or an awakening through a process. This is a challenge for most of us human beings. We have a wish, we do a course, we take a therapy, we learn a skill, and then, at some point... (unless we are lucky or extremely disciplined or motivated due to certain inner or outer influences), the impulse fades out....we forget the intensity with which we started. The information or experience fades gradually, and the work that we continue becomes more automatic and less meaningful or intense as we go along. We may take the experience for granted and forget its special gifts...and so on.
According to some spiritual traditions, this slowing momentum is taken as a given due to the cosmological scheme of things. Steps are put in place, either by the teacher, guru or structure of the teachings, to help the student of life REMEMBER what they have learnt, and to learn how to CONTINUE VALUING IT. 
How do we use, for example, vocal toning or chanting in our everyday life to help raise our vibration? We could do it every day as part of a morning meditation and it could have a resonating meaning for us during the 5, 10 or 30 minutes that we do it for. But how can that make us a better person or more focused person, or more loving person or more brave person throughout the day?  ADD INTENTION to the exercise: a plea, a desire, a heartfelt wish. For example, as I am toning, I may concentrate on my physical heart and send the sound there, and ask for my consciousness to remember the vibrations during the day, and to help me to stay calm and focused or

 be more loving and patient with those I am with, or to be more courageous to follow my intuition and goals etc. I usually search until I find something that is important to me. Something that resonates. I search my heart and pray for help to bring that wish to the surface to really be felt. This is a good start.
And then, I must remember the INTENTION DURING THE DAY. The second challenge  is for me to remember it in the heat of the moment, in the flurry of activity or in the mud of inertia or during a bout of lack of confidence. How can I do that? My wish has to be strong and I have to find my sincerity. I have to be honest with how sincere I am with that wish, to find out if I am REALLY WANTING IT or if I am just saying that and a part of me is lazy, or resisting, or IMAGINING I am already doing it! Ha ha!
That is why I believe being part of a community is such an important thing. Why relationships - even when challenging, are gifts, because they can be reminders of the harmony we are seeking...the harmony we do not yet have... and if the wish for harmony is strong in our hearts... if we can truly find sincerity there, and ask ourselves if we are truly putting 100% into whatever it is we are wishing for, then the power to transform our lives and the lives of the people around us will grow. Fantastic!
I honour all people in this community and other communities who, with all sincerity in their hearts are working towards the enlightenment and healing of humanity and the earth. xxx
Karen Grace

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