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How To Get The Best From Sound Forum

Sound Forum, through the use of the latest approaches to communication, has made it possible for everyone involved in Sound, in all its wonderous glory, to find each other and come together.

How does it do this? And how can you make the most of it?

To many, the internet is complex and difficult to comprehend. Those of us involved in sound and community would sometimes rather steer a course a way from it. We prefer the 'natural' and the 'human'. Of course we do. Community definitely happens when we play and sound together.

The purpose of Sound Forum is to help make this more likely. When an event is cancelled because it doesn't attract enough people this is sad. It's also a failure of community.

Sound Forum is not just a space. It's an active energetic entity. It is a process, a means for you all to take part. Events are submitted but they don't sit passively waiting for someone to find them - Sound Forum exists on Facebook and Twitter for this purpose. Posts on the website can easily be shared on every social network to which you are connected. Articles that are considered worthy are promoted by further 'likes', comments and shares.

I (as editor and admin) will contribute to this process directly but it doesn't stop with me. I will continue to help make the membership levels grow. This is so that you can have the confidence that your message will reach out further and further as times goes on. Using Facebook you can directly spread your word, yourself, just by writing a post and including a link. There's no editorial block to you doing this on the Facebook Group. Facebook "Sound Forum" is there for you to put up anything sound-relevant.

Invite your friends to the Facebook group - let them know about this Sound Forum website.

The Facebook group purpose is so that you can get your message out at any time. The Community Website is the place where you will find everything. Someone recently said that it is an astonishing place; a true centre, a deep well of material. It is a place to return to for knowledge of the subject, of its people and an ever-expanding overview. It is a first port of call for everything to do with the power of sound and hub around which we can all connect wherever we are in our journey.

Both the Community website and Facebook group are there to enable community and interconnectedness.

They are here for you and everyone.

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