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In Response to Joshua Leed's Article

Thank you for posting Joshua's article.  Such good advice to offset all the electronics that we are experiencing trying to figure out how to share music with others and remember to bathe ourselves in acoustic sounds.  I, too, took the lid off my piano and enjoy sitting down like the old days and simply playing all those old favorite songs. Many blessings to all my UK and European friends while we go through these times. They are replenishing and at the same time very important for a place where people can turn to Sound Travels for information on the Healing Aspects of Sound, Music and in my case, bring the Harp both in training and to those in facilities to hear pure tones. If all goes well, the summer of 2021, we are booked into the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury and will be holding our International Harp Therapy  (IHTP) Training there. In addition, the work of Susan Borg in her program Resonant Kinesiology will be imparted to our selected group of teachers who will be carrying forth the IHTP programs in 5 centers around the world. As I look forward to a retirement of simply teaching, our Affiliate programs will continue Susan's work and Don Campbell's and inviting  many of our respected and treasured teachers including Joshua Leeds,  Barbara Crowe and many many others far into the future.  The past 3 decades have trained Therapeutic Harp Practitioners from 22 countries now serving on 5 Continents! Thank you so very much for this forum.  Anyone wanting more information about the training in the UK in the summer of 2021, please contact me.  Immediately following the summer training, we will be heading for 2 weeks of retreat to IONA with up to 100 harp players!  We are likely to have room for friends of the harp but mostly this is a Retreat time.  If you are interested, we have some spaces open.  Dates run from July 6- 20 in 2 separate 1 week sessions!  Music of Hildegard von Bingen by Erin Durrett, chants (Fuin) from the Ceile De Tradition by FionTulach, Poetry and Music by Julie Darling, Guided Imagery by Ludwig Conistabile, Transpersonal music therapy by Barbara Crowe are all on the the program along with beautiful music in the Chapels of St. Columba!

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