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Intuitive Music

The scenario: an open and supportive space where we are able to relax any notions of musical ability or playing right or wrong notes. We find ourselves engaged in a process of not doing anything except giving our undivided attention to the timbres, resonances, overtones and rhythms which arise from the simple instruments around us as they are struck, plucked, bowed and sung into life. It may feel exhilarating, beautiful and even uncomfortable all at the same time. However, without any need to prove anything and immersed in this continuously flowing, energetic field of sound we soon realise that there is nothing to lose and begin to contribute our own sounds without fear of judgement. The more we relax and listen, the more we hear. The more we hear the more sensitive we become in our expression and musical dialogue with others. Suddenly, from out of silence and without pre-planning we are creating interesting fresh music with shape and intensity, space and subtlety. Unscripted music which is a response to the acoustics of the room we are in, the combination of instruments, and the mood of the players; music which is perfect for the time and never to be repeated again.

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