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Fabien Maman
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Kototama, The Ancient Science of Pure Sound excerpts from THE TAO OF SOUND, by Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld

Kototama, The Ancient Science of Pure Sound.


In 1975, I was initiated by my master of Aikido and acupuncture, Sensei Nakazono, in Kototama, the Ancient Science of Pure Sound.


Kototama means the vibration or energy of the verb.  The verb is the action behind the Soul, the vibration that moves the Soul.  It was created originally to offer an alternative to the traditional approach of defining the Universe through religion, by defining it through the vibration of sound.


Kototama practice could be called a meditation of sound, that contains cosmic memories of the sound structure of the universe as well as vibrational influences of civilizations past, present and future.  At the same time, the sound science reaches through a resonance with the five elements and acupuncture.


We are ourselves vibration.  So the more we work with sound, the more we connect with the resonance of our own magnetic field, our aura, which contains the frequencies of our essential being.


Working with sound:  Be conscious!


Whether it is with the acoustic instruments of the five elements, overtones, the element sound of your voice, or the Kototama orders of vowels and consonants, when you work with sound, you must bypass any mental projections about what the resonance and messages of these sounds should be and instead work directly with the vibrational source of inner and outer worlds.


Before you begin your practice, it is good to do some movement like Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Tao Yin Fa®.  This will clear your auric field and ground you in the tantien, creating an opening for the healing power of sound to enter.


With each practice it is important to develop your own personal consciousness with the sound.  If you are not present, you may feel the energy, but have no awareness about where this energy really takes you and what opens for you.  With consciousness and practice, you begin to feel or hear the next sounds even before they come. This subtle ability is the signal that a link into higher consciousness has been created allowing
access to new information. 


Our natural inheritance is to become the multi-dimensional human being that, in truth, each of us is.  These dimensions of openness, provide many more choices for artistic, scientific and soul expression.  You won’t need to be educated as a scientist to understand sophisticated scientific theories.  You won’t need to be a professional musician to play or sing beautiful sounds.  You will begin to have more moments when you are unified and aware of the many avenues of expression open to you.


The more you work with sound, the greater the chance to touch upon those specific frequencies resonant with frequencies in the subtle body containing ancestral memories and cosmic messages.  This information is essential to your life program. 

Sound Practice:  Your name as a mantra


Write your name phonetically on a piece of paper.  Translate it into Kototama vowels and consonants.  Study the energetic meaning of your name.  (see page 140 in the Tao of Sound for more information; Tao of Sound an be purchased through our UK Coordinator Carrie Mitchell )


Sit quietly by yourself and chant your name as a mantra for five minutes. 
What do the sounds feel like to you?  Does it feel like you?


If you have been “given” a name as an adult (like a spiritual name) - it is
always best to go back to the name you were given at birth.  The name people called you throughout your life helped define who you are energetically!


Then chant your new name.  Feel what is right for you now. 


Don’t be ambivalent about your name!  It is the vibratory signature people will recognize as being uniquely you.  It creates the space into which you can step as a human being - as witnessed by others.  It’s important!


“A rose by any other name … is not a rose!”


light and chi

Fabien Maman

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