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It has been a long and busy winter up until this time when flowers bloom and larks sing.  So much activity of travelling to perform rather takes away from the core creative process that is so close to my heart.  However  when the new day of calm does dawn it makes me joyful to reflect back over what i have experienced these past few months and use these recollections to fire up fresh creative ideas to move forward.

There have been many marvelous moments when i have witnessed audiences finding their voices and joyfully enjoining in chanting.
Other times when the deep soul journey of music has moved them and myself to tears in a performance.

Also my personal journey of witnessing other musicians play has been deeply inspiring and clarified simple philisophical points around sound for me.

I had the good fortune to hear Lang Lang the virtuoso Chinese pianist perform recently. His effortless and florid style was a revelation to me. Immediately I came to understand why 90 million Chinese kids have been influenced to commence piano studies because of him.
He made everything look and sound easy. Indeed he was truly as one with his instrument. This is maybe the zenith of sound making we should all aspire to perhaps. Then this effortless almost zen like approach would leave us free to step beyond mortal boundaries and soar with the divine thread that music represents.

 These musings have been further endorsed with my taking up flying as a hobby. I have come to realise the freedom that can be felt in the skies, is the freedom we should aspire to bring to our music making, so that we truly can sing and play with the ease that birds bring to this occupation.

I wish you all well in the spreading of YOUR wings !

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