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Looking for A Managing Partner-Investor

The Davis Center in Succasunna, NJ, USA, recognized as the world’s foremost sound therapy center, is looking for a Managing Partner/Investor to bring the idea of The Davis Model of Sound Intervention to the rest of the world.  The concept evolved from the founder, Dorinne Davis’ 20 years of experience and research.  Ms. Davis  Please review the following, and

If you are looking for a way to change the world, help people regain their wellness, support children in developing their learning potential and bring an unknown form of self-healing to the forefront, The Davis Center is interested in talking with you.

The ideal person should have experience in creating profitable companies, have experience with handling multiple company divisions, bringing product to market, obtaining capital, searching out growth and potential markets, and want to grow an alternative wellness and educational product line.

If interested in exploring the opportunity of becoming a Managing Partner in the growing field of sound and energy vibration, contact Ms. Davis directly at

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