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from: Lyz Cooper

Lyz Cooper

I also found James' article interesting and thorough. James mentions that he is not sure how Alan Sales arrived at the different tunings of the Chakra Sound Forks. Alan (now sadly passed on) used Kinesiology to 'body dowse' for the frequency of the chakras. We use his method as part of our tuning fork training.
I use the system whereby each chakra has a note and I find it works really well. We know that energy does not conform to a particular linear model of tones, colours etc that can be pinned down and controlled by an exacting scale, however we have been trying to do just that for thousands of years. Whether it be a Bija mantra, a rhythm, a word, vowel sound, note, colour, essence or planet I see all of these methods as simply a 'way in' and an important focus for our intention as energy follows thought.
To be able to use a system - and that is, any system we need a framework to operate from - a point of reference. By using notes for the chakras I am focussing my intention in a more directed way at the chakra in question. It is no different from using a Bija or any other 'energetic key'.
That is not to say that an 'F' bowl will only 'work' on the heart chakra. The wonderful thing is that sound will go exactly where it is needed.

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