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Narayana Grace
Category: Sound Healing

Making the link between colour and sound

I was living in Melbourne, Australia at the time, and a musician I was playing with told me about these little coloured healing bottles he’d seen at a Mind Body Spirit festival. I went along to the festival, looked at the Aura-Soma coloured bottles and thought they were mesmerising. At the time, however, making the link between colour and something as tangible as healing an ailment or emotional disturbance was alien to me.

The following year at the same festival I bought my first bottle. I guess my mind was more open. I had developed M.E. and was forced to look beyond the conventional medical approaches for some answers as to what was happening to me. I decided to explore and bought a lovely lilac and pale blue bottle. I can’t say that it did much for me on a physical level, but there was something about it that drew me in. What was it about the colours that called me? There was softness, delicacy and a feeling of encouragement and support coming from just looking at the colours that I could not explain. While using this bottle, I did discover something that on reflection was a huge and important realisation. I made the link between repressed emotions and physical body pain through a spontaneous moment of release. So, I began to ask myself, “Could colour actually be useful to my personal healing and development?” I bought books on colour therapy, and bought several more bottles. I was hooked.

Some time later, I read an article in a magazine. It was about a new form of sound healing. As soon as I read it, it created a domino effect of realisation in my brain. Never before had I felt so excited about something. Prior to this I had been learning about the law of octaves which connected cosmic law, sound and spiritual development together. As a singer and musician on a path of personal discovery, studying this law was having a huge impact on me. I booked myself immediately on to the sound healing course. It wasn’t until I made the connection between this and colour that everything fell into place. I completed the first part of my training. The information was mind blowing. When I moved to the UK I completed the second and final part of my training.

Following this I was led by a series of synchronous events to study Aura-Soma colour therapy and eventually became an advanced practitioner. During this time I was also teaching, writing music and performing. When all the information came together and felt integrated, the Colours We Sing was born. I began running voice workshops which would tie all these concepts together. My goal was to help the average person to discover their true voice, their innate creativity and to discover the joy of spontaneity.

Through my own journey through the colours I developed a love for improvisation, for toning and chanting. All this helped improve my technical proficiency and artistic expression.

Today I can honestly say that the frustration I had felt for years about my voice ‘not being quite right’ has gone. I struggled for so long to find the keys to unlock the door to my real voice. Technique lessons alone didn’t do it for me. I wasn’t born a naturally gifted singer. I was musical, but to be free vocally, to soar with my voice in all areas of my range and to feel connected to my voice was something I longed for. I can gratefully say that although there are more areas to explore, I really do feel like I have arrived at a place of satisfaction and joy.

Lots of Rainbows to you!

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