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Music - the Raiser of Vibration

As a Musician andSound Healer, I have always firmly believed in the power of music to liftpeople’s spirits and raise their energy vibration. Simply, music makes us feelbetter. Whatever your taste in music – whether heavy metal (and I don’t referto gongs here!), classical music like Mozart or Tschaikovsky (two of myfavourite classical composers incidentally) or folk, rock, pop, chant –whatever you are drawn to – mankind has for many centuries and indeed thousandsof years used music to dance to, chill out, relax and unwind, especially instressful situations and when life is not going so well. What would we dowithout it.? Life would be so much drearier if we didn’t have music. As amusician I can’t imagine a life without sound and music. And to me, all musicis a form of Sound Healing.

Here is a case inpoint. I’ll just fill you in on a bit of background so bear with me. A coupleof years ago I was strolling with a friend through the marketplace in Totnes inDevon where I live, and there was clearly a band playing a little further offas I could hear the music. It drew me in like a magnet for some reason. Wearrived at the edge of the market where they were playing – they were in fullflight in the middle of a song, and it was wonderful! Not just the music, whichhad a catchy tune and great rhythm, but the lyrics of the songs were reallyclever too - about everyday life and the things that matter to ordinary people.My friend and I stopped for a while and listened and I was entranced and putsome money in the hat. The music lifted my spirits and just made the day somuch more enjoyable – even that 15 minutes that we listened to. Later I lookedthem up and found that they were a busking band called Phat Bollard who arebased in Cornwall but travel the country singing their songs in towns andcities to the ordinary people of the UK, for donations.

Since then I havegone to hear them whenever I can when they are in the area. They are a lovely downto earth, awake and aware group of people as well as extremely talentedmusicians. They see what is happening in the world and write songs about it, sothe songs are songs of truth, to help wake people up. This gives them a specialquality because the music has an energy of its own, which can be most clearlyfelt in their stunning live performances. They are great to see on YouTube, andit’s good to listen to them on CD as well, but hearing them live is somethingelse. Invariably people start dancing and bopping, and in fact I can’t keep mybody still when they are playing – it just wants to move. I suppose you wouldcall the music folk/protest. It has an overall happy energy, and the cleverhumorous lyrics have a wonderful vibe, which just lifts people and makes themsmile. Especially when one of the dogs – Furgus – starts joining in as he doesin certain songs. Really.

So let me tell youabout the transformation I saw in someone today, through listening to PhatBollard’s music. This morning they were playing in Plymouth, and I went down tosee them. They were set up outside an empty shop and just getting started. Theysoon attracted a crowd, because the music is so catchy it draws in people ofall ages, young and old, and they want to listen. One middle-aged man camealong and sat down next to me on the wall. I could see sadness in his eyes, andno hope, basically - a broken man. He was obviously the worse for wear, and abit shaky, and commented to me that this might be a good place to stop and sitfor five minutes. I agreed, and I privately thought he might end up stayinglonger! As the music continued he did indeed stay and I could see the effect itwas having on him. There was a gradual softening – it was very subtle, butunmistakeable. He got up and put money in the hat a couple of times as hisappreciation grew. After about half an hour he turned to me and said “They’rebrilliant aren’t they?” and I said “Yes they are”. At one point he went off toget food, but was soon back sitting next to me again, eating and givingtit-bits to Furgus! By the end of their set – they often play for two hourswith a tea break if the weather is good – this man was in a completelydifferent energy space to when he had arrived. The sadness in his eyes had beenreplaced by peace, and his energy vibration had clearly been raised by themusic, and also the camaraderie and cheerful banter of the band members andpeople watching. He bought two CD’s and went off happy. It was truly beautifulto see. And it’s not the first time I have seen people transformed by theirmusic. And other music too of course. But I single this out as a very preciousand recent example that I witnessed at first hand in a shopping centre!

In my opinion, thisis a service to humanity, and there should be much more of this wonderful upliftingmusic and other forms of creativity happening in our public spaces, which afterall, belong to the people. Buskers of this quality should be allowed to playwherever they want, within reason, because they are entertaining people and liftingthem out of the drudgery of everyday life and giving them something veryspecial. This is another form of Sound Healing – not the usual sort, but nonethe less highly effective for all its rustic quality. Thank you Phat Bollardfor bringing the music to the people J





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