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News Flash – Singing is Good For You!

News Flash – Singing is Good For You!

From ‘Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience’  we have some great news!

 ‘Choir singing connects respiration and heart activity. Coupling of heart rate variability to respiration is called Respiratory sinus arrhythmia.. This coupling has a subjective as well as a biologically soothing effect, and it is beneficial for cardiovascular function.’

Yes its true….  Singing together is good for you.    :-)

And look at the wording in the BBC article ... "Our hearts beating as one", and "Sing from the heart"

Literally words from songs we have written over the years.

And of course this is just the tip of the iceberg as science is now able to confirm what many of us have been feeling all along, and those who have given over their natural ability to feel what is going on in their heart and body to  "evidence-based" proof are presented with this as a scientific fact.

So the way we sing has an effect on us. Then we also need to consider the very words we sing, how we sing, how the music is composed, if the music we listen to  is designed to engender an emotional response – all these facets have a powerful effect on our body, central nervous system, heart, brain and our physical and emotional wellbeing. A lot of this is measurable now, and some of it is not. Well, not yet! But it is there to be felt. And it is now time to honour this innate knowing that we can all experience so simply and easily.

In my experience any group of people, in under an hour, can have this life transforming experience of "our hearts singing as one" as the BBC so eloquently wrote.

And, if we choose, we can also experience the profound affect that music/sound is having on us, and even the affect of the tone and content of the words we speak and listen to – all the time.

We do not have to wait for science to substantiate what we can know right now as an undeniable truth.

with Love


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