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from: Lyz Cooper

On Dissonance

Dissonance is such an important part of our work at BAST. If you were to liken consonance to the wonderful sweeping effleurage movements that a massage therapist makes then dissonance is the ''chopping'' motion they use to help break down the knots. Ones relationship with dissonance is the most important thing. When working with clients or in a group setting I am fascinated by the response that some people have to dissonance. For example - several people are in a group and on the receiving end of a beat frequency created by two crystal bowls a semi-tone apart. One says they love the sound and it was like a spaceship, another says it reminded them of a helicopter flight they took over the barrier reef on holiday (which was a wonderful experience for them) the third said that it made them feel sick and fearful. So the experience of the third person is the one to focus on. Why? because at the point of resistance the greatest transformations are possible. Fear or any other emotion or belief that is percieved as being ''negative'' is telling us that we have separated from ''flow'', from what is, from the universal consciousness. It is likely that when looking at the fear and questionning it we find that it is an illusion created by the ego state that is holding us in an unhealthy way of being. On realisation of this the energy holding this belief/emotion/physical imbalance has the chance of another potential way of being, and release happens. This is why, for me and others at BAST, dissonance is a wonderful facilitator of change. That is not to say that resistance cannot occur with harmony - but that''''''''s another story!

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