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Overview: The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link

The word ‘sound’ moving forwardinto the 21st century has to encapsulate the terms hearing, auditoryprocessing, music, vibration, and body rhythms into a more foundational coreconcept, because ‘sound’ perception or processing must now be considered to bea brain function versus an ear function. Sound travels in waves of energy. Our bodies process sound through ourskin and our bones, as well as transfer sound through our many systems of thebody such as our circulatory system or nervous system.  And each cell of our body resonates atfrequencies that only the brain can understand.


In my latest book The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link,I introduce a previously unidentified subtle energy system of the body thatexists between our voice, ear and brain. Picture sound traveling in wave forms coming towards and into the bodybut also exiting the body.  This patternis a cycle of sound. With each cell resonating its own frequency, one can alsopicture the body pulsing and resonating with many sound patterns.  I have coined this to be your SignatureSymphony of Sound.  Imagine each cell asa musical instrument playing its own sound; then the multitude of cell instrumentsare each playing their own sound creating your body’s song. In effect you arecreating your own personal symphony. However, is your symphony in harmony with those around you?  Is your body’s song being sung in tune?  If you are ‘out of tune’, your resultingpersonal energy is out of balance too.


How do you tune up your song andresulting symphony if your body or your life has created a dysynchrony in thebalance of those frequencies, and in particular the balance between the voice,ear and brain?  This can be accomplishedwith specifically directed sound-based therapies as determined by The DavisModel of Sound Intervention? and thenkept in balance with the culminating personal sound balancing technique called‘Ototoning’.  Ototoning offers thepotential to accelerate one’s personal response during yoga, meditation,general toning, and more because the process includes finding out what yourbody wants and needs most importantly to begin the balancing process.   Ototoning can be utilized at any time, oncelearned, but initially will have the greatest impact when done in a fairlyquiet environment. Ototoning can help you restore your energy, feel moreproductive, and support you on a path towards overall wellness.  The technique will become your quick fix whenyour life seems off-kilter.


Sound Therapy

Sound therapy has a long history dating back for centuries.Pythagoras used sound to help his patients heal. Many healing benefits havebeen demonstrated with the use of sound interventions, and music therapy is abig business today. Many sound interventions rely on rhythms, patterns, beatsper minute, brain synchronization, and/or general notes within musicalselections to support the person towards better physical and emotional health,wellness and learning. Many forms of yoga incorporate the use of sound,mantras, chants, and tones to bring the person to a better balanced state.Physicians are exploring the benefits of sound to help their patients. Forexample, a New Yorkoncologist uses sound bowls to help his oncology patients.


There are differences in how sound,and specifically sound therapy has helped to balance a person’s overallwellness.  There is also a differencebetween sound healing, sound therapy and sound-based therapy.  Sound healing uses tones, mantras, variousrhythms and sound patterns, and other sounding techniques to help change thebody energy patterns.  Sound therapy usesspecific notes of the musical scales to make change in each person’s energypatterns again with a sounding source. And sound-based therapy is a subset of sound therapy because it is moredefined than just musical notes. Sound-based therapy uses sound vibration but with special equipment,specific programs, modified music, and/or specific tones/beats to make thechange and only after a diagnostic evaluation determines the best therapies touse and the correct order.  The DavisModel of Sound Intervention determines the correct order and monitors change sothat each person can work toward personal balance of their body’s song.


Energy System: Voice-Ear-BrainConnection

While doctors, scientists, andresearchers are finding fabulous new ways to help heal the body, very oftenthese new findings work on fixing the symptom. It is wonderful to eliminate symptoms, but perhaps we need to lookfurther from an energetic perspective. The Davis Model of Sound Interventionworks to balance each person at their core issue, sometimes at such a minutecellular level that it wasn’t even identified as a concern.  One of the tenets of The Davis Model of SoundIntervention shares that there are five laws which support an energetic balancebetween the voice, ear and brain.  Theselaws are known as The Tomatis Effect and The Davis Addendum to the TomatisEffect.  Simply stated they share thatthe voice produces what the ear hears, the ear emits the same irregularfrequencies as the voice, and when the correcting/balancing frequencies arere-introduced to the ear, the voice regains coherence and the brain can supportand maintain the balance of the body’s frequencies better.  Both the reception and expression of soundbetween the voice and ear creates a feedback loop which must stay in balancefor the brain to monitor the body’s basic sound cellular frequencies.


Yes, the cycle of our body’s sound isreceptive and expressive.  People have receptivelyexperienced the moving effects of listening to various musical selections, feelingthe rhythmical patterns of drums, or reacting to the voices of a dynamic churchchoir.  People also express or emitsound, not only through their voice or each cell as mentioned previously.  The ear also emits a sound, which to date, hadnot been known to have a purpose.  Much researchhas been done to determine the characteristics of this emission or sound.  One researcher from England hasproposed using this sound as a bio-identifier at airports. This emission can beconsidered a bio-identifier but from an energetic point of view.  If considered within the framework of theVoice-Ear-Brain Connection, this emission provides the sound that the bodywants at that moment in time to self-heal.


The science of Human BioAcousticsdesigned by Sharry Edwards already has supported the concept that the voicecontains the irregular patterns of the body’s song.  And with the Voice-Ear-Brain Connectionincorporating this knowledge, Human BioAcoustics demonstrated that the body isa mathematical matrix of predictable frequency relationships.  By reintroducing the correcting frequencyequivalents for those out of balance, the voice, ear and brain and subsequentlythe body become balanced. 


TheCycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link introduces the emission from theear as an important piece for keeping the body in tune or balanced.  Human BioAcoustics suggests that the voice provideswhat is out of balance in the body and with mathematical combinations of soundsprovided back to the body, the body can begin to change.  This new concept that the ear’s emission hasa purpose builds on this statement and suggests that the ear’s emission provideswhat the body most wants at that moment in time to promote its own self-healingchange.


This idea is totally new.  Acupuncture and chakra systems were notnecessarily accepted when first introduced. Homeopathy has had to prove itself repeatedly.  So there is much more research needed to bedone demonstrating the value and importance of the ear’s emissions.  This new book introduces what seems to be apowerful subtle energy system in the body.



Once the sound is identified, whichis taught in this book, or found with the Ototoner™ device (anticipatedproduction in 2013), each person will use their own voice to maintain theirbody’s song. 


Our current world is noisy!!  Yet it is when there is silence that peoplewill best be able to balance their body’s song. For in the silence, one can hear or tune into the sound their body istelling them that it wants most.  Haveyou ever sought out quiet to get away from the noise around you?  Do you search it out to find balance?  Intuitively you were searching for your ownsound—to find a way to rebalance yourself and your energy.

Once this sound is identified, thenthe technique of Ototoning becomes powerful. 



TheCycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link shares how to Ototone by listeningto the sound of your body.  However, manypeople won’t be able to tune in that easily to this sound.  A device, called the Ototoner®, is expectedto be available in 2013.  This devicewill analyze the sounds emitted by the ear and provide the exact sound that thebody says it needs to work towards feeling better and becoming more energized atthat moment in time. When the sound is identified, then the technique of Ototoningbegins.


Is Ototoning simply toning?  There are many similarities but Ototoninguses the specific note or sound that the body has identified as needing.  Toningin particular has been used by many cultures. Toning using vowel sounds either individually or in mantras can changeone’s physiology. These toning techniques are typically generalized and nottailored to the specific individual. As we know, we each share similar needsyet we are more importantly individually resonating bodies. We are each uniqueindividuals with our own physical needs. Ototoning is unique for each person and group settings should be avoided.


The Ototoning process enables theindividual to get “in tune.” Ototoning uses the natural sounds provided by thebody to create powerful change in how we feel in body, mind and spirit. Withthe dysfunctional energies in the world today, whether physical or emotional,our human species is out of tune.


Each individual can identify thesound their body needs to feel well, and can jump-start a connection thatsupports the body towards natural self-healing.  It is possible to identify what your bodyreveals about its sound system, and then learn how to balance the system. Theprocess of Ototoning complements and expands yoga, meditation and toningtechniques.


While the technique can be used byanyone at any time, the best effects will occur once the connection between thevoice, ear and brain is balanced.  Thiscan only be demonstrated with specific testing or changed with specificsound-based therapy protocols if out of balance as designated within The DavisModel of Sound Intervention .  Theprocess for understanding the full value of the Voice-Ear-Brain connection isevolving.  Edgar Cayce has been quoted assaying that sound is the medicine of the future.  The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection is the currentevolution of this concept.





Book publisher: New Pathways Press


Dorinne Davis is President of The Davis Center, Succasunna, NJ

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