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from: Richard Down

Plymouth sound healing

This Friday night Plymouth sound healing Part 1 “Message from the Earth” – activating Base chakra This first story is set in early Autumn so this is the perfect time listen to the narration and get the full effect of the change in season… You are in woodland whereupon you meet a shaman by fire side. He sings you a magical song which transports you to cave and you journey down deep within this earth to the very core. You establish the strongest connection with Mother Earth – base chakra activation, which will remain with you long after the tale is told. “Message from the Earth – activating Base Chakra” - is the first of “The Song” – a series of eight hypnotic and powerful shamanic stories with sound designed to relax and give empowering, healing effect. Experience the live performance - shaman Richard and sound healer Katerina - narrative and soundscape of instruments You can buy a CD of this story and sound journey through our web site and also on the evening of the journey ? The message from the Earth is one of love ?

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