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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Sound Healing

REVIEW: Sacred Drumming Medicine Path Cards - Steven & Renata Ash

The “Sacred Drumming Medicine Path Cards” are beautifully created cards with an accompanying book which describes very straightforwardly how they should be used. Steven & Renata Ash have done wonderful work distilling the essence of ancient wisdom. Using the cards offers a means of divining a pathway towards solving life’s problems and issues. Choose a layout and randomly select cards for each position in the layout. Use the beautifully laid out book to draw on each card’s wisdom and sink deep into the ancient knowledge.

Ask questions of the cards. Explore the multitude of possibilities. Bring yourself to stillness and allow the answers to emerge. You will not be disappointed. Today, as I write, I chose the card of the North, the card of Winter. With this card I am being asked to accept the sense of isolation, to accept the cycles of birth and death, and to await the potential of Spring.  This is where I am.

As you absorb their wisdom you are offered suggestions as to possible pathways forward. They aren’t intended to predict the future more to open you up to the choices available to you. We may find ourselves feeling trapped, believing that we can only travel along one very limited pathway. Using the “Sacred Drumming Medicine Path Cards” invites you to take a fresh look at your situation, to widen your perspective to find a more enriched journey of life than the limited one that might be in front of you.

Andrew Hodges (Nov 2022)

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