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Resonance & Analogy – the Alchemy of Sound

Every musical expression can be seen as an act of analogy with the “Music of the Spheres” and with the energy of creation. This makes analogical thinking a key aspect as it can be understood as the ability to recognise fundamental patterns. The ancient saying “as above so below”, the core of the alchemical thought attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, suggests that fundamental patterns are repeating continuously on different scales, as fractals do… as musical octaves do.

Every time we use sounds we are resonating (acting by analogy) with the power of Creation. Hence the pivotal role of music and sound in every spiritual/religious ceremony.

Subtle hearing is also a very important key in the process of our evolution.

Our audible sounds are a gross counterpart of the higher frequencies of Spirit, and they can be used as a way to resonate with them.

In the same way what we call “silence” is but a symbol, a concept in our minds. Real silence cannot be experienced in the physical plane, because even inside an anechoic chamber (a room built in a way as to provide complete silence) we could still hear the internal sounds from our bodies, the motion of life.

Nevertheless, this symbolic silence can be used as an analogy with the un-manifested presence of the Divine.

Without silence, sounds could not be perceived, because it is out of silence that every sound comes.

Developing subtle hearing is a process of attunement to the inner sound as a doorway to the infinite. In the Indian tradition of yoga there is a place at the centre of anahata chakra (the heart chakra) called hridaya and it is said to be the seat of the soul, the place where the higher self abides in the body. Anahat (literally unstruck) is also the name given to the un-manifested qualitiy of Sound, the Sound of silence, the state of stillness of the Creator that precedes the Creation.

As human beings, we are currently relying on the sense of sight for a very big part of how we learn, interact, evaluate and make decisions.

In terms of frequencies the human ear can detect a wider range of vibrations than the eye. If we would translate the range of frequencies that the eye can “read” into musical terms, we would find that the eye can “see” little more than one octave.

The ear can “hear” around ten.

So it seems that the ear is able to detect a much wider range of the vibrational reality of life compared to the eye.

Hearing is also the first sense that is developed in the human fetus, as Dr Alfred Tomatis has demonstrated. It is our first sensorial gate to this world, through which we start learning and receiving information far before we are able to see anything.

Yet, we somehow base a lot of our general perception on our sight.

Once we can hear, we are able to resonate. By doing so we are simultaneously rising the vibration of all our bodies and welcoming the highest realms (the future of our eveolution) into our space (our present).

The future is moving towards us and we can welcome it into our present by creating the space that is necessary for the future to flow. Using the power of focused intention (an aspect of free will) it is possible to enhance sounds, creating multiple layers of resonance as a bridge between dimensions.

The human mind is the fertile soil from which our evolution is growing. But the rays of light that make the blossoming of new life possible is something we need to consciously open ourselves to.

If then we can channel this energy in our bodies, deep into the cellular consciousness, we can transmute it into experience, encoding light in the living bridge of our bodies.

By doing so we are rooting the Earth into the light, absorbing the future of our evolution.

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