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Resting in Nature

Resting in Nature

 An article on the commonplace seen as profound

          Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


Have younoticed how much clear energy there is in the atmosphere these days?

If not, stepoutside with the intention to notice!  Of course, if you live in a smog infestedcity, it may be more challenging, but the Earth is alive, and is wakingup.  Take time to notice, enjoy it andparticipate in it.  It is real!

More and more folks speaking with me have taken note of how much more distinctthe colors are, how much more alive the world around them seems to be….,especially those who live close to, or, are often in, nature.  Many are reporting near or complete-sightinto other dimensional realities.  And,certainly, through the feeling senses, perceive more and more of other worldrealities.

It is true.  We are in a dimensional gateway.  Our world is becoming more & more clear.  The Earth is awakening, just as we are,coming into higher vibrational states, higher frequencies.  As we enter these higher vibrational states,we are coming closer into alignment with other worlds, the subtle worlds,which, fundamentally, resonate in higher frequencies.  Thus, they become more apparent, moretangible.  The veils are thinning.  All of these things should be self-evident.

Self-awakening is occurring, too. Perhaps not to the levels of an awakened Buddha or Christ being, butmore evolved/subtle knowing, seeing,feeling, hearing, of other world realities, known as the Siddhis, the intuitive powers, the powers of consciousness, inVedic mysticism, is being reported by more and more individuals, as well.  And, while we teach specific pathways ofawakening the Siddhic powers, the easy steps are by, simply, paying attentionto the subtlest sensations that you have, beginning with your physical senses(more later.)

At the same time, many of us may be experiencingsomething different.  These two worldsare colliding, the worlds of paradox, of the old and new reality, the old andnew paradigm, of the physical and subtle densities.  They are seeking to merge into one form, onemanifestation, one more uniform reality. And, the cascading energies between them, for some of us, may feel as ifwe are caught up in cross winds of chaos or change.  That is exactly what is occurring.  This may manifest as a lack of security(economic, emotional, psychological, even physical,) tension or distress in ourlives, or, challenges in home, relationships, work place.  If so, it is likely those crosswinds are simplyasking us to change, to let go of some way of perceiving, believing, orinteracting with our old reality thatis not serving us, that is not in harmony with the greater nature of things, ofour own higher nature, or purpose, and this newparadigm which is emerging. 

Much of it is about simply being present, andavailable, to the universe as a greater whole, even, as a living being.  Realizing it is a living being is a significantstep into coming into harmonious resonance, or relationship, with it.  It is beneficial to realize, this is part ofan everyday reality to othercultures, such as the indigenous peoples of the Earth.  That the Earth, the Cosmos, everything, is a living being.  Evenmodern science is beginning to acknowledge, that the smallest particles of ‘matter’are conscious, and make conscious calculations (thought/intelligent choices.)  This is outlined in advanced quantum physics,though not universally accepted, as of yet. And we are part of it.   TheLiving Universe.

Making our selves present, and available, to be partof the Living Cosmos, is a huge undertaking in terms of participating in thisnew paradigm which is emerging.  But, notso difficult, in reality, to do!   We have been taught much different waysof being, very different belief systems, and realities.  Yet, we don’t have to do more.  Justmaking conscious choices to be present, and available, for the Great Mystery tomove through us, unfold in, and be part of our lives, and, we part of it, is anincredible aspect of realization for each of us.  Allowing it to be so!  Realizing we are, and, then, being, part ofit, is enough.  It will take care of therest.  This allows the universe to allowus to participate in it, and its cycles of life.  This allows us to resonatewithin its spectrum of life, its frequency, its rhythm, itsoscillation.  Being present, makes usavailable to that.  This allows us toparticipate more fully in the rhythmof life, which pervades all life!  Do yourealize this?  If not, just try it (again, more, later!)

At the time this is written (06/30/12), many arereporting an especially trying week of such chaos and challenge in their lives.  I like to remind people, it is beneficial torealize, we are in a time of unprecedented change and transformation, at aglobal level (not to mention, the outcome of solstice energy shifts andalignments last week, and a rising full moon, which often bring increased tidesof energy, which have peaked before this article was published.  At thetime of publication, we, also, are on the precipice of the Gateway of 07/07/12,which many are speaking of, as yet another calendrical alignment of immenseproportion, able to assist us into ever increasing states of alignment, if wesimply, allow it to be so, allow our higher nature to be present, andavailable, for these energy shifts which are occurring.  Just note thesewaves of transformative and initiative energies which are occurring, from yourown perception, to determine what is valid for you.  Many speak of manylayers of understanding, and intertwining wisdom.  In the end, you mustdetermine for your self, what is true.)    In the end, it is simplyto say, there are many levels at play, all collaborating in this matrix ofcreation entering a new cyclical shift.   In actuality, it is, atleast, at a galactic level of increasing vibrational potential in which we areparticipating.  (This is not just me, orsome random new age thought I am speaking of. This is embedded understanding of the wisdom of the elders who arecarrying the legacy of information relating to the prophecies of thistime.  It is NOT just about us, humanity,or just the Earth, but a galactic shift that is occurring.  For the record, I am just the messenger inthis particular piece of information.) 

There is something far greater than our selves atplay here.  And, the shifts come inwaves.  Science is seeing the increasedwaves of ascension measured in their own terms, of vibrational frequencies ofthe Earth, photon pulses of the sun, and gamma wave pulses from the galacticcenter.  They do not associate these witha ‘galactic shift,’ and most scientists would consider those who believe suchthings to be very off base.  Yet, theymeasure the very waves which are part of the increasing pulse frequency of theshift, and do not understand it.   (Here, again, the Elders do speak in these exact terms ofinterpretation of what science, itself, is reporting!  The Earth'sincreasing electromagnetic field instability and stimulation by increasedsolar/photon activity, as just one example, is disrupting the Earth's weatherand geomagnetic patterns, but equally disrupting our personal electromagneticfield, which causes equal mental and emotional instability in humanity. Seeing any unusually high rate of emotional or mental instability,unexplained physiological discomforts, in our selves, our fellow human beings,world leaders, or others?) 

We are amidst one such waveform of increasingfrequencies, asking all of those aspects of our reality not aligned with thehigher realities to submerge and dissolve. To let go.   To come into resonance with the higher form.To align with the principals of creation and evolution.  The prophecies, literally state, that we arein a time in which all things which donot serve us, individually, internally and externally, and collectively, shall fallaway. Those aspects of our lives which we continue to cling to, or evensimply go about as daily tasks, which are not in alignment with our greatergood, or the greater nature of life, serve as catalysts for frictionalexperiences, which we perceive as chaos or disstress, or unusual levels ofchange.  By remembering this, and givingourselves permission to relax, and become present, and available to our ownhigher will, these forces will tend to support us rather than distress us.  We shall see those ‘structures which do not serve us’ continue to fall away, But as welet go of what does not serve, they no longer cause distress or dysfunction, wealign with higher power, higher essence, and higher will.  Our own essence, and that of the greateruniversal form.  At some point, they areone.   (Our Entering the Rhythmof Giving and Taking, in Harmony with All Life, practice, given through thewisdom of one of our Living Elders, is one such method given, specifically forstabilizing our awareness and energy field during these times oftransformation.  At this point, this is available on in our workshops, butmay become a future CD offering.)

Related to all of this, in my own life, I have foundit of great benefit to spend time in nature. I am fortunate enough to live embedded in nature, at the end of a dirtroad, with nature all around.  The onlysound I most often hear, beyond wind rustling in the trees, or choruses ofbirds and cacaws of crows, is the voice of this gentle, yet powerful brook, itswaters cascading down from one of the sacred mountains I work with, (ApuAscutney,) just outside my front door. Here, I sit each day, connecting with the energies and vitality of theplace.  From this very spot, when Imeditated on the purchase of this land, many years ago, the brook and earthreached up to me, and spoke these words, “Iwill nourish you.”  I can tell you itwas that very experience which inspired me,in that very moment, to purchase this property.

Just up the brook are a series of not only cascades,but waterfalls in a small gorge, which create a pristine heaven.  It is as beautiful and enriching of a templesanctuary as I find anywhere on this planet. I bathe in these energies every day, and the waters as often as I can,from as early as April will allow me, to as late as October.  If just but for moments outside, or brief orrepeated walks, or sitting with tea or coffee next to the brook, or bathing inthe brook, or falls, I am nourished each day by the joys of this earth andwaters, as in heaven.  With more time, Igo deeper into nature, into many of the pristine and ancient sites I speakabout often in my programs and articles. But right here, outside the door, is more than enough nature to bring meinto expanded places of harmony and joy, very easily.  Very quickly. Just by stepping outside, taking notice, and being present.

I consistently use this as a tool and catalyst, areminder, of who I am, and where I should be in my life, at far more than aphysical level of my existence.  As wellas, to move me, from the humdrum of life, which can occur in the work place, orevery day life, back into a place of beauty, of harmony, of deep gratitude, ofgreat appreciation and wonder of the mystery of creation around me, and so muchmore.

There is something special about nature. Nature, left untouched, has unfolded in perfect harmony with thecreative forces of Life itself.  It isemanating those creative, harmonious forces, exuding them, through its sounds,colors, textures, and form.  Every livingthing has arisen from this harmonious template of creation, from the rhythms oflife, and abides in its laws; except those of us privy to make independentchoices outside of nature, perhaps outside of, or out of balance with, our ownnature.  (Take time to study the art andscience of Sacred Geometries, if youwant to know more about the incredible harmonies which pervade all life.  This, too, is being confirmed by modernphysicists, astronomers, and others, who are seeing at the micro andmacro-cosmic ends of all spectrums of creation, that it is undeniably true,that there is a pervading harmony, commonality, and divine proportions whichexist in, and inter-relating between, all things!)

Those of us making choices, (whether we imagine themto be conscious or otherwise,) to step out of balance with the harmonies ofnature, unfortunately, include much of human kind.  And, is reason to understand how so muchchaos and trauma exists within the world; simply because, we have steppedoutside of the laws and bounds of nature, and do not, often, even realize it,or how easy it is to step back into balance with that nature!  Part of that greater Nature is, literally,our own nature, which, like the rest of nature, is in harmony with alllife.  It is actually very simple.  Because we are part of the greater Nature, weare born into its natural rhythm and harmonies. Should we choose to step back into those bounds, we experience it.  The beauty, the richness, the vitality ofnature, then, exudes in our own life, as we live within it, a part of it.  It may sound  oversimplified, but it isless challenging than learning to ride a bike.

The more we find simple methods for re-entering,re-awakening these living relations with nature and life, they become more andmore resonant in our entire life, and we begin to feel the support of creation,versus the distress and chaos we experience when we are not living inequilibrium with our very own nature.

And, in my own life, I have found, that by simplystepping into nature, the natural world, it reminds me, it entrains me, to step back into my own harmonious existence.  This occurs, simply because it is exuding that harmoniousresonance.  Just step into a naturalenviron, and you will feel it!   Do younot, most often, feel exceedingly better when you spend time in a truly naturalsetting, one not enveloped in the traces of human consumption?  Most of us do!  Just by being there!  When we engage with it, in joyful revelation,ceremony, or celebration, this becomes, for most of us, even more true!

Entrainment is an act of nature, a force whichassists us to enter into harmony with the prevailing force around us.  It syncopates our rhythms to it, if we livewithin it.  If we do not understand thenature and power of entrainment, it is easy to accept the power and rhythm ofother forces, such as societal forces, which may not be in rhythm, or harmony,with all life.  Then, our own life fallsout of balance.  We have been exceedinglywell taught how to fall into and obey the societal rhythms of family, society,education, and work place.  These areoften not in harmony with our greater will, or our own greater good.  Many of us feel ‘victimized’ by thesesocietal forces around us, as if we have not, at least as adults, takenconscious part in the choices we make! If we do not feel responsible, it is because we have not taken fullresponsibility of our own lives.  Bytaking responsibility, we step into the power of making choices which bring theabundance, joy, and beauty of the universe more fully and tangibly into ourlives!  Again, it is simple.  If it is not happening, it is ourchoice.  We, then, have the power to makeother choices which bring us into the resonant beauty, joy, abundance, andharmony of the greater universe, which, literally, thrives in abundance.

It takes an avid student to fully understand this, andbecome a master of the choices we make, with full responsibility for our ownlives.  And, it takes a real master to fullywithstand or overcome the powers of entrainment, in its myriad forms, and themyriad of frequencies we have entrained to, the entirety of our lives, oftenunknowingly.  These are the veryfoundation of behavioral and emotional patterns, and belief codes we have‘bought’ into.  Entrainment could be anotherword for the ‘buying into’ particular belief codes and patterns of behaviorwhich we have grown to accept as the ‘norm’ for society.  They are actually set up as ‘frequencies’ ofconsciousness in our mental and emotional fields of being, based in our subtlebody.  They ‘resonate’ there, creatingour realities as we magnetize them to us. Humankind has mastered the art of entraining to these less thandeserving frequencies, stepping out of bounds, of living out of balance withnature, out of harmony with life, and we must find a path back.   (A complete, realized master, such asQuan Yin, as often depicted in art and statuary, is, literally, Riding the Dragon, which means she hascompletely overcome the forces of nature, and compels them at will.  Thisbegins by overcoming one's own forces of nature, but continues into the right,living relationship with the elemental forces of nature, and all of creation. I hope to devote a future article to this understanding.)

This is why I spend so much time in nature, and whyI have come to develop so many practices outside, in nature, and in ancientsacred sites, where our ancestors (of many cultures,) built their sacredtemples in harmony with those laws, and bonds.  AND, who embedded theirancient knowledge in these sacred sites, in vibrational encodings that can beunlocked with the right understanding of sound, and the right template ofconsciousness.  This requires very high and clear, integral thinking, andbeing.   Those of you who have attended enough of my practices, have heardmy stories of how the guides assisted us in opening the Gateway to the Templeof Knowledge embedded in one of the ancient stone chambers, right here, inVermont.  And, how we, my advanced students and I, were able to Awaken the Dragon, the living elementalconsciousness of this region, through following the guidelines of the elemental,ancestral, and celestial allies of this region.)

You may also have noticed the primary photo embeddedat the beginning of this article.  This was taken at a natural stoneformation, which is the Gateway into interdimensional wisdom and understandingembedded at an ancient, natural formation, a canyon, or gorge, in SE Vermont. One of my elders instructed me to enter this place 17 years ago.  Ithas served as an incredible doorway into greater understanding of many of theseprinciples outlined in this article.  It has been one of my mainsanctuaries since, opening gateway after gateway into higher understanding andexperience of the greater mysteries of life, of self realization, selfempowerment, and right relationship with the living energies of the Earth. These will all be primary elements in our next two upcoming programs, The Sounds of the Shaman, and the Tree of Life.  Can you see the twofaces (there actually are more,) one in the roof or the door, one in the fieldof light descending next to the doorway?  Learning to entrain to theresonant frequencies of  who is behing these 'images' is key to learningright access to the luminous fields of wisdom embedded in these ancestralgateways, and natural earth and ancient sacred sites, and the type of trainingtaking place in each of these upcoming practices.

Those very ancestors, the living beings who arecaretakers of the sacred sites (protectors, guardians, and wisdom keepers alivein the subtle worlds, no longer embodied, but still there to maintain theintegrity and wisdom of each site,) are available to those of us who learnappropriate attitude, aptitude, and methodology of approaching such sacredsites.  And, they are the teachers of much of the work I have broughtabout to the world, since I was directed me to this living temple sanctuary inVermont many, many moons ago….  

Nature resonates with all life.  And, when we enter relationship,resonance with, nature, we enter into that resonance with all life.  Bysimply resting in a natural environment, in a receptive state, our body (andsubtle bodies,) will, of their own nature, come into resonance, intoentrainment, with the principles of the greater law, the greater essence, thegreater being, of nature, as well as the presence of living consciousness in theworld around us.
 And,they are now even calling the binding force of creation, 'the God Particle,' and realize, that in order for the world toexist as they (science,) can best define it, requires the presence of infinite"multi-verses."  We are beginning to sound very mystical, in theway in which science is developing its understanding of the universe, at thistime.

It is that simple. 

If you do not believe me, just try it. Or, take some time, as I mentioned earlier, to study the incrediblescience and mysteries of “SacredGeometry,” the ancient art & science which speaks to this phenomenon, whichis built into the foundation and complete architecture of, basically, everyancient sacred site, up, at least, through the great cathedrals of Europe.  This science is being awoken by many, manygreat teachers over the last decades, and now understood as the foundation ofall life by modern quantum physicists. They, literally, cannot get away from the sacred language of theuniverse, expressed in math, form, sound, and most expressions of all creation.

Once you have come to a fundamental realization ofthe interconnectedness of all life, and the divine harmonies which pervadethrough all life, here is a practice, which may also be helpful.


Sit, or rest, outside, in as natural a place as youhave available.  This may be your backyard, a city or town park, a farmers’ field close by, a simple neighborhoodbrook or small forested area.  Or,better, if available, enter a place of deeper nature, a woodland, desert, sierra,mountains, oceanside, wherever you live, nearby.  The more distinct the site, uninterrupted bythe manufacture of human civilization, the more likely you are to experiencethe deeper potential of impact of this practice.

If you do not have nature near you, find a quietplace, and rest there, even in your own room, and begin to imagine you are innature.
Find, discover, recall, a place that really resonates with you.  A place you feel compelled to go or be.  A place that really calls to you, to simplyrest in, and reverberate with, the nature around you.  Again, if you cannot go there, discover a placein the imaginal realms of your own mind and feeling experience.  Just imagine it, as if it were reallyhere.  Or, recall a place that you reallyresonate with, that you really love and enjoy, that feeds and nourishes you.  Imagine or recall it to the point that itbecomes as vivid and real, as possible, such that you feel as if you are there.  Bepresent, there.  The feeling will drivethe practice!   (When I chose to purchase this property whereI live, it was literally the moment the land spoke out to me, saying, “I will nourish you,” while I wasimagining what it would be like to live here, in meditation, from my room,where I lived before.  I was not here, Iwas imagining it in meditation, miles away, when I had the experience.  For me, it was no less real!)

Use your feeling sense to fully enter thisplace.  To become present.  Even if other noises are there, do not allowthem to distract you.  You can even allowthem to be part of the experience, as if you are in the forest on the edge of acity, and a passing siren is part of the tapestry of sound close by you.  If they do distract you, just bring your mindback to the practice.  Become present.  Let go of the distraction.  Come fully back into ‘the view’ of this place you are imagining or recalling.  Become aware of all the feeling senses youperceive or imagine would be here.  Thecolors, the sounds, the textures, the life forms; trees, flowers, grasses,weeds, rocks, stones, animals, flying ones, crawling ones, swimming ones, allothers, whole forests, mountains, the ocean, the waves, waters, brook, river, streams,cascading, lake, pond, ripples and glimmering sun, wind, light, earth beneath, whateverit is you directly perceive, recall, or imagine, wherever you are.  Reach out and perceive all that is there, or,all you imagine is there.  Notice thesmells, the sounds, of the waters, the animals, the wind, the rustling of leaves,the call of birds or other animals, all that is there, simply rest in the sights,the sound, the aromas, become aware of it. Let the textures of form and color pervade your vision, and permeate you.  Without thinking of it, or getting caught upin it, just be with it.  Noticing.  Existing. Being.  Be with these noises,sounds, colors, forms, movements, smells, tastes, all around.  Become aware of the freshness of the air, howit allows your awareness to expand out beyond the normal boundaries of yourroom, the expanse of space above and around you, as far as you can see andfeel.  Drink in the colors andexpansiveness of the sky around you, the clouds, or clear blue limitless sky,the sun in day, the stars and moon at night. Feel the warmth of the sun, the caress of the wind, all sounds, colors,light, feelings that excite or move you, each one, the subtlest perception thatyou notice.  Let those subtle perceptionsbecome more and more integral and alive. When you notice that soft sound or soft caress, notice those that aresofter and softer.  Allow.  Be enveloped and part of all that youperceive.  This can take just a fewmoments, or hours if you have the time to allow yourself to sink so deeplyin.  All matter of time is transparent,and valuable in this process.  It doesnot matter ‘how much’ time there is. Just allow the process to fully envelope you, and allow you to becomepart of, tuned in to, aware of, all that your normal senses perceive in andaround you during this  process, andtime.

Be mindful of what I said about the ‘Siddhis,’ thesubtle powers of consciousness.  Thebasic Siddhis are, literally, an extension of our more subtle or refinedphysical senses.  The more you pay attentionto everything you feel, with all of your physical senses, the more you willtune into the more and more refined senses of the subtle worlds, where the holybeings, the fairies and devas, and the templates of wisdom unfolding throughthe Earth, her many voices, her medicine allies, her elements, and ancestralbeings, will unfold.  Pay attention, notwith the cognitive forces of the mind, but with the ever more subtle sense ofall that you see, hear, feel, smell, perceive. Allow the perceiving to permeate you. To become all of That.  Not thethinking about it, just being immersed in the ever growing perceptions of timeand space around you, and all that unfolds, in whatever manner you perceiveit.  It may go beyond your normal way ofdoing so.

Becoming ever more present, breathe further andfurther out into the space around you, then breathe into the space within you,clarifying your body’s experience as part of this.  Rest within this greater macrocosmicexperience, becoming a living vessel within the greater whole, of all that youare experiencing, simply with your physical senses of taste, color, smell,touch, in every shade, hue, aroma, texture that you perceive or imagine in thissimple place of nature.   Just being present.  Alive. Part of what you are experiencing. Let go of thought, judgment, anythingbut immersing in the ever present moment of all that is.

Reach out in the forms of stones and trees, the mountains and horizons if youare in such a grand place, the waves lapping upon the beach, or crashing in ifpart of your experience.  Reach out inthe greater form of things, seeing the animal and facial shapes and other formsin the stones and mountains, in the bark and shapes of trees, and such.  Just allow your awareness and imagination toperceive these, if they are there, you don’t need to make anything up.  Just notice how your perception takes form,as you allow it to soften, and ‘dematerialize’ from your normal ‘strategies’ ofperceiving and interacting with life around you.

Stretch back into the miniscule, the shape of leavesat the grasses at your feet, the hair on your arms, the insects crawling.  The softest caress of a breeze, the gentleswirl of waters near you, be mindful of every sense, and thought** that touchesyou.  And continue to stretch yourawareness, in, and out, taking in all that you perceive, becoming fullypresent, and available to the great mystery of it all.

**At this point, you wish to allow any thoughtswhich arise, to be part of the experience. The reality is, that as you succumb to, surrender to, the power andbeauty, and majesty of the Earth, and everything within her realm, she maybegin to speak to you, through the voices of the water, the caress of the wind,the spider that lands on your shoulder, the crow, hawk, woodpecker that appearsjust as you have a thought….pay attention to these subtle messages andmessengers…give them credence, without dismissing them too easily.  Don’t get lost in the thought, but do notdismiss the wisdom that arises from being part of nature, that voices throughthe tiniest and most majestic of allies within her bosom.  There is an equal importance in not gettinglost in the temporal thoughts which may arise and surface, to distract you fromthe deeper contemplation, and meditation. It may take some skill to discern what are distracting thoughts, andwhat are real messages.  The discernmentarises from developing the feeling senses, which guide us to understand thedifference between direct transmissions of wisdom, and our own misguidedfollies, which would prefer we stay in disharmony, than to enter revelationalstates of wisdom and reality.

Next state:

As you get to this point, allow your awareness tosoften even more.  Just beingpresent.  Available to the beauty,wisdom, creation around you.  Stretch outinto space around you, and imagine that your awareness is stretching into otherdimensional awareness, at some point, as you do so.

Move away from thoughts of any other time and place,just being present.  It may help to closeyour eyes, for short or very extended periods, to awaken more and more subtlereality experience, though this can be done fully awake, eyes fully open. 
Stretch your awareness further and further out, into softer and softer space,more and more subtle space.  Use yourbreath to guide you, in, and, then, out. Imagine your awareness is stretchingfurther and further away, then into your own inner, heartfelt experience.  Eventually, this moves into a ‘subtle world’experience, where you might imagine or feel you are stretching into realms ofpure light energy, out into deep space, or the sky around you, moving beyondthe common physical plane.  (You havebeen awakening subtle sense awareness through most of this practice, already,you are simply, now, being asked to reinforce it.)  You may imagine or begin to sense pure light energyaround you (the sun or stars can be most helpful to assist in this.)  You can imagine, as you stretch out, takingyour time, that there are subtle beings of light, here, as well, right here,where you are.  They may take the form ofthe elementals, the devic or faire peoples, or it may be the ancestral ormedicine allies of the land, the ancestral or star beings, or something evenhigher, more pure, without form.   

Some of you will have this experience, as they areall around us, all the time.  But do notbe disappointed.  This is not the intentof the practice.  It is just to stretchout into permeable space within, and around you, and to notice all youperceive, at ever more subtle levels of perception.  Do not be concerned if nothing arises, justnotice the light, subtle sensations, and enjoy that!  I, once, had someone in my practice state,after several advanced students spoke about their incredible experiences withmost high celestial beings, state, ‘well, I didn’t really have an experience….,I just had the peace of the Buddha come over me.’  VALUE the experience, the perceptions youhave, with gratitude, joy, and beauty.  Yet,those who are doing their work, practicing regularly, aligning with the higherprinciples, knowingly or not, are more likely to have such an experience ofpenetrating these subtle layers, or veils, between realms, with theirperceptions.   Allow it.  Whatever it may be.  Give it permission.  Give it time, to be.

Continue this practice indefinitely.  You may move back and forth through variousstages of it as you wish to, listening to the subtle messages, the subtlefragrance and textures of the other worlds, the subtle sounds, and subtle lighttransmissions.
Simply sit, receptively, listening, allowing.

And enjoy, whatever may arise, the beauty, themajesty, the harmony, the resonance, of the Earth, of Nature, and of allCreation!


Later, see ifa track of music may be available here, to listen to, as you do this practice.  

This is elementary work, yet capable of great powerin our lives, if we allow it.  If you enjoy this type of work, you willenjoy even more the incredible level and quality of practices we bring, fromthe guides and guardians of nature, to the wisdom keepers of indigenous traditions,both living (in this world), and of the other worlds, in the Sacred Tours and Retreats such as we are offeringthis summer.
We pray you join us.

It will serve, to assist you to enter into deeperrealization, and relationship and harmony with your own life, and with thegreater life of all being, of all nature, of all creation.  It is time weenter that harmony, again. 
We, then, gather collectively, to create fields of living intelligence andbeing, to assist in gathering and seeding the greater dimensional understandingof universal knowledge, to seed into the matrix of life within this planet, forthe benefit of all.

This is done with the harmonies of nature, andallies of all creation, of the celestial, elemental, and ancestral realms ofthis and many worlds.  It is very deep and penetrating work.  There is much more information about this aspect of the work online.  Be sure to read the article on the Hidden Treasures, which speaks to what awaitsus as we go into the deeper realms of the Mystery through this work.

We hope you may join us in this world service.

Many blessings to all.


©2012 Zacciah Blackburn

This message may be reproduced andshared as long as it is not altered and the following credit & contactinformation is included.  Thank you. 


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Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, is a giftedintuitive, teacher, and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanictraditions, and sacred sound cultures. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA, at the Centerof Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  Zacciah shares authentic trainings in thenature of human consciousness, explorations into the Shamanic worlds of EarthEnergies & awareness, and teachings on the nature of sound, and sacredsound practices, as a therapeutic healing modality.  His in depth understanding provides lifetransforming experiences into the authentic nature, being, and wellness of whowe are as spiritual beings, and how to develop that nature.  He is Director of Education at theInternational Sound Healing Network, & co-founder & Director of the WorldSound Healing and All One Now Network of organizations working for globalpeace. He is, also, a founding board member of the Sound and MusicAlliance.  Zacciah, also, offers musicalinstruments of sacred sound cultures, & sound healing tools, at

See, his primary website, for further information.


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