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SACRED SCALE™ Music Education Program and Musical Instruments

Carla Rose Kelly, Master Healer with Music, developed this unique music education program with the musical instruments in London, Ontario, Canada.  It is a beautiful connection of music, healing & spirituality, science and math. Workshops and training programs have been taught in Japan, Norway and in various states across United States.  It is now coming to UK and Australia.

The SACRED SCALE™ Music Education Program is a non-denominational program of higher music education.  Its program is rooted in academic and professional excellence, as well as the highest ethics, morals, values, and standards.  Its belief is in the potential of all, and together, creating a world of love, joy, peace, truth and harmony.  The focus of the program is based on the original purpose of music:  for Healing and Ascension.  Although it is considered a “higher music education” program, it is suitable for all ages, abilities, and musical backgrounds.  Participants gain a deep understanding of music for self-development purposes, and the focus is not on performance.

The program is founded on the new scale, of 9 frequencies, which are in harmony with the Laws of Nature, in harmony with the way the human Mind, Body and Soul are created.  Each of the 9 notes is in harmony with each of the other notes, so you cannot create dissonance.  There are no sharps, flats, or key signatures to learn, only 9 notes, a simple system to entrain the Mind, Body and Soul back to balance, peace, love, joy, harmony, etc. You can play any combination of the 9 notes together or separately, and they sound beautiful together.

It is easy to connect with your “inner musical self and composer self” with this music education system.  It is appropriate for those who have never played a musical instrument before, to those seasoned musicians and composers.

The SACRED SCALE™ training includes healing techniques, with Healing Certification available.  If one chooses to go through the advanced and masters program, there is also opportunity to teach and conduct retreats.

The program is based on love, the basis for all healing. Participants are taught to center oneself in a place of love, then play/sing with the SACRED SCALE™.  Through the Laws of Entrainment, the 9 frequencies will help participants towards perfect health and balance in all aspects of their life.  Through the program, one gains a deeper understanding of the power of music, and the power that lies within oneself.  Study of these ideals in self-development leads to ascension or attainment of full potential.

This course is intended for anyone with an interest in one or more of the following:

  • Healing with music

  • Learning to improvise/compose with an easy atonal music system of only 9 notes, where dissonance is impossible

  • Experiencing SACRED SCALE™ music and its power for healing and ascension

  • Using music as a tool for development of full potential, regardless of faith

  • Using music for Ascension, regardless of faith

  • Certification as a SACRED SCALE™ Healer

Carla Rose Kelly, Master Healer/Teacher

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