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Chris James
from: Chris James
Category: Community Music

Sahara - The New Album

SAHARA- the journey continues

From the very first call of the Eagle over the desert, to the first crack of thunder presaging the Haboob the Saharan Storm, to the first notes of the Saharan Night track, which just go Ahhhhh though the whole body, with the first delicate camel bell tinkling as the desert caravan slowly awakes, to the absolute gold of the camels singing on Saharan Gold, this album is a cellular celebration for your whole being, a particle party that continues through your everyday.


“I’ve just listened to this new album and WOW! I was instantly transported to another time, it feels so ancient and deep, I can’t stop listening to it… thank you.”
With love


 Listening to Sahara is exquisite – it returns me to who I am. I feel so steady and settled listening to it – that is priceless

Sahara - what a time transcendent album.  It’s like I’m transported back to an era where the only meaning was to move with the flow of the desert winds and to awaken to the mysteries of the stars at night.  My favourite is Sahara Gold - there’s something about the sounds of a camel ?? that I found very settling.  Ancient days are returned as I sit around the campfire ?? within my own home.  Super beautiful, I loved hearing the interplay across all the instruments used. Thank you, Chris James for another timeless masterpiece of music.?Peta


I'm home from the first exquisite few bars. This album  comes from such a deeply felt place. We're all there , under the stars , moving in an ancient rhythm, coming together then moving out across the sands flowing ,yet feeling the one expanse of the desert apart  at times yet  each grain felt under the blanket of the universe.
We're so blessed to have your expression this lifetime.  Thank you for going there and taking us with you in your caravan of power, love  and exquisiteness. 
With deep respect and oasis full of love-Sam
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