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Shine On

I was inspired towrite this blog a while back when I noticed that a very beautiful andsuccessful friend of mine was attacked recently by someone who clearly couldnot cope with her empowered-ness, and reacted in a negative way. When we arefully in our own power, shining for all the world to see, not everyone is goingto appreciate it! For some people who see us, empowered and happy, there willbe a problem. We are bound to mirror their own disempowered-ness, and sometimesthey will lash out and attack. This is their stuff, not ours, however much theymay try to project it onto us! Their reaction says everything about them andnothing about us.

As fully empoweredbeings, we are showing how it can be when a person is centred in their ownpower and confidence, being completely themselves in their own wonderfuluniqueness, shining brightly & fearlessly. When we reach this stage it isinvariably the result of having done much inner work and taken responsibilityfor everything in our lives. We cannot shrink the inner work – there is nosubstitute for it. You cannot get empowerment from someone else - we have tofind it within ourselves – each one of us. We need to recognise and own our ownshadow stuff – unresolved emotional issues and destructive patterns – so thatit can be brought into the light of day, owned and cleared. That’s theresponsibility of every one of us! You can’t foist your stuff onto someoneelse.. you have to deal with it yourself. We do this by looking at and becomingmore aware of our behaviour and motives, and recognising our tendencies to shyaway from our issues. Only then can we be truly whole, centred, authentic humanbeings. It really is essential for us to address our stuff at this time, forthe sake of the planet, and to raise the energy vibration of the whole, so thatwe may make a better life for ourselves individually, and thus for everyonecollectively. And our stuff is really coming up big time at the moment – thisyear, 2016, has been a major clearing year for many.

Some time ago Irealised that although I basically teach people how to become GongPractitioners, in essence my work is about empowering people – and I do itthrough the work with the gongs. As we work with these powerful healinginstruments, they help us to heal from our stuff - to identify and deal withour issues and clear our unresolved emotional and karmic patterns. In myexperience, working with sound, and the gongs in particular, is one of the bestways to kick-start our healing process and clear all our old energetic debrisfrom the past. Then we can move forward clearer and lighter, to fresh newopportunities and adventures on our journey through life.

So coming back to wherewe started – with my friend fully in her power, shining brightly. Shine on mydears – put your light out there for all to see and enjoy. Your empowered-nessbenefits us all.

Sheila Whittaker25.3.16


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