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from: Tim Wheater

Silence and Listening

continuing with the subject of listening i wanted to write mentioning the importance of silence.
it is from silence that sound eminates and silence also has the capability to develop stillness within us.
also silence after a sound healing session is the time when all the sonic energy created with loving intent integrates itself.
i devour silence when it presents itself like a succulent fruit, and it is in these rarified moments that much of my musical inspiration pours forth.
i also had the good fortune to witness a wondeful concert featuring an orchestra playing scheherazade the other evening. both players and listeners were entranced in bliss, and as the music finished we all held a spellbound silence that magnified the magnificence we had all just experienced! followed i must tell you by joyous applause.
on a practical note, my own sound healing courses now have dates and venues for this year. they will represent an opportunity for people (no previous experience necessary)to train in the art of sound healing.
my courses which fast track the participants into a high level of practical musicality lead to a professional diploma. dip.W.S.A. all details on my web site -

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