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Lyz Cooper
from: Lyz Cooper
Category: Sound Research

Somnus X - Research into improving sleep a success

Back in November, I wrote SOMNUS X is a 10 minute piece of Consciously Designed Music specifically designed to help induce sleep. I asked our friends, followers and members of the public to take part in a sleep study to test the track and monitor their quality of sleep.

Sleep affects almost every aspect of our lives including our general health, wellbeing, work and relationships. With this in mind, the group were asked to complete 2 studies, One before listening and one after. The group were asked to listen to SOMNUS X for as many nights as possible over a 7 day period.

The results so far have been fantastic with 45% of people feeling they were now getting a better nights sleep. The results also showed an improvement in the following:

- The number of people able to fall asleep in 5 minutes increased by 2x in 7 days

- The number of people that took more than 60 minutes to fall asleep dropped by 2/3

- 11% increase of people who went from only have 5-6 hours sleep to 7-8 hours

- When woken during the night, the 0-5 minutes to return to sleep percentage increased by 75%

- 26.14% scored their sleep as poor before the study. This decreased to 2.22% following the study.

- 9.09% scored their sleep as very poor at the start of the survey. This decreased to 0!

I will be publishing a full study on this research later in the year. There are two versions of the track Somnus – SOMNUS X (10 minutes) and SOMNUS V (5 minutes).  You can listen in for yourself for free on Spotify or you can buy Somnus V on iTunes for 0.79p. Please share it with your friends, family, colleagues…anybody wanting some extra shut eye!

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