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Danu Fox
from: Danu Fox
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Songlines Rebirth!

Songlines Rebirth

At 3pm on 5 May this year something extraordinary happened.

Several hundred people gathered to sing their love and appreciation into the ley lines of Britain. Dowsers gathered to measure the width, banding and strength of the lines before and after the short ceremony. From Carn les Boel on the coast nr Land’s End to Hopton in Norfolk, from Holy Isle to Dorchester and West Sussex including many major ancient sites and hill forts like Glastonbury, Avebury, St Michael’s Mount, Bury St Edmunds and Ivinghoe beacon. Word spread and inspired by the idea people also gathered in Russia, Canada, the US, and New Zealand. These lines it seems circle the globe so it felt great to have these other continents joining in.

The event had been a dream of mine for a few years. I wanted to see how we as a modern people can honor our songlines, the dragon energies of our lands, in a co-ordinated way while also giving people the freedom to do what they felt comfortable with.

In other parts of the globe first nation/indigenous people have individuals who are responsible for listening to and keeping pure the songs of a specific mountain, river or area.  We have lost that in the UK and my dream is to restart that depth of listening and connection.

I visited Carn les Boel where the Mary & Michael lines enter the UK in the west and asked for a chant which captured their energy, one we could all sing. Two chants came, and many of the groups gathered at the node (crossing) points of the lines sang these chants, and then offered other songs and prayers in keeping with the intent of giving thanks and asking that we as a species come into right relationship with mother earth.

Thankful to Facebook and the ease of connecting people together worldwide it was a joy to link up with everyone beforehand and to see the reports come flooding in afterwards.

The results were profound and humbling: the energy lines doubled or tripled in size in response to the ceremony. Many people present were deeply moved by the experience and could feel the earth lines moving and expanding. Many reported they felt a strong sense of connection with everyone up and down the lines. It was important to know that a co-ordinated effort was taking place, that the lines were receiving a huge injection of love and appreciation across the country at the same time.

Part of my desired outcome was that this injection would reinvigorate any parts of the lines which were flagging or less vibrant, and this, in turn, would raise and rebalance our energies . The clearing effect was most graphically demonstrated by the identification and removal of a World War Two bomb on the trajectory of the Michael line on the beach at Hopton! Everywhere else the effect was similar if less graphic! The energies we experienced were very powerful and needed to be given time and respect, and I was mindful of the 27 year apprenticeship undertaken by the ancient Druids and that ancient ceremonies would most likely have taken us far out of body and by reconnecting in this way we should not underestimate the force of earth energies.

Afterwards I received very strong dreams showing how a rolling movement up and down the lines had been reactivated. A dynamic had been set in motion and by doing this work we could gain access to the precious, pure, white crystalline intelligence in the heart of our planet which needed to be treated with care and the utmost respect.

There have been many other benefits from the event, one of which was the joining of two hitherto separate(in the most part) groups of people – the singers/ earth ‘healers’ and thedowsers. For the singers it was affirming to experience how the lines responded to their ceremony, made visible and very tangible by the dowsing and for the dowsers it was wonderful for them to experience the singing ceremony and to see how this affected the lines. It made clear the practical application of dowsing to help us recognise that the earth does respond to positive intent and by implication also to neglect and misuse. It has awakened in both groups a desire to know more about the other, and that can only be beneficial.

The implications of the event are far reaching and herald more collaborative working with the many groups who hold dear the natural and ‘more than human’ world.

People recognizing this rebirth of a Songlines tradition in the UK have asked for more and a national singing of the lines is to become annual with next year’s event taking place on Sunday 5 May. So please put it in your diaries and consider and dream what you would like to do and where.

The Mary & Michael chant is online on youtube:

Further courses in Earth Singing with Danu including a three day retreat at Tintagel in September 2012 are all online at or the Earth Singers Facebook page

All suggestions welcome.

My thanks go to all who took part and to our beautiful planet and I leave you with these words from one participant:

From the beginning there was a real sense of depth in the process; the chants, other sounds, poetry, drumming, movement all played their part before we completed by walking a labrynth. The sense was of attunement and interconnectedness with ourselves, each other and with the land. The experience was very profound. The sense of satisfaction and wellbeing experienced seemed to reflect that fact that we had done something to re-establish harmony with the earth and that the earth too was energised by our being there. The earth energy responded to our devotion – there was a mutuality of benefit.” Richard, Spinster’s Rock, Dartmoor.


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