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Soulful Singing & Mantra Retreat

As we feel summer is in its final phase and the bustle of the months quietens, join us for a weekend of African, sacred, uplifting and fun singing & mantra chanting with the unique and inspiring Mahasukha. A joyful, tribal and meditative experience guaranteed to put a smile on your face and recharge your heart and soul ready to settle into a new season.

Mahasukha first came to music over 40 years, starting out as a drummer at the age of 11. He has a lifelong love of music and beauty and is an experienced and passionate singing workshop leader, arranger, singer and percussionist. For the last 17 years, he has been leading inspiring workshops and rituals with hundreds of people, bringing them together in joy and harmony. He’s in his element leading people in singing and mantra - bringing out the best in people with enthusiasm, sensitivity, and encouragement. Mahasukha is also a Buddhist and his name means Great Bliss.

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