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Sound Evolution

Sound Evolution - Our New Website - 11 - 11 - 11 

Hello from Chloe Goodchild

This Autumn season heralds a transition for The Naked Voice to a new cycle of life. We are presently in the final stages of creating our forthcoming website to be called Sound Evolution - Sounding a New World into Being.  This new website literally will do and be what it says. Sound Evolution will provide an online meeting ground for all those wishing to participate in the evolution of consciousness through the transforming power of voice, song and sound leadership. It is a response to the ever-expanding field of voice and sound, that is awakening the hearts and minds of a much wider global audience. I am beginning to call them 'sound evolutionaries', people who are courageously speaking and singing out their truth in the face of the challenges of the local and international world scene. Thousands of people every week are literally tuning-in to a deeper reality and longing, for emotional honesty, peace, unity consciousness, conscious leadership etc. The essential power of shared sound, silence and song is the most effective way to revolutionise and harness this new consciousness, both at an individual, local and global level. The Naked Voice and it's Charitable Foundation will maintain a central place within Sound Evolution, and it will still play a significant role. The Naked Voice methodology, workshops and trainings will continue to provide the core teachings and practices, available and accessible to everyone wishing to empower their own lives with their own authentic voice. "Turn me into song!" exclaims the poet. 
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