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Roz Crampton
from: Roz Crampton
Category: Sound Healing

Sound Creation - the transformational properties of sound

We are hearing more and more about sound being used as a healing, transformational tool to enhance bothour spiritual and physical well-being. I know my work as a spiritual and personal awareness facilitator has certainly become almost exclusively sound orientated - I suppose since I met the great gong!

My whole life has been filled with sound and music, from my first ballet class at six to a career as a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. Looking back I see how the music touched my soul and freed my spirit - it was the music flowing through me, moving my body and manifesting itself through the dance.Then I added fitness classes to my teaching schedule and was able to see even broader effects of sound and music on people. Using the beat of the music to keep everyone together paces the exercise and energises the class. There’s a great feeling when everyone’s united by the sound ... read on (opens PDF in new window)

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