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Simon Heather
Category: Sound Healing

Sound Healing and the Subtle Bodies

Around the physical body there are a number of subtle bodies that interpenetrate the physical body. As you move away from physical body each subtle body is made up of finer energy.

The word aura is often used to refer to the combined energy of the three main subtle bodies. Healers generally use their hands to assess the state of the subtle bodies. They will often feel areas of heat or cold in the aura.

Etheric Body

The first layer around the physical body is called the etheric body, or etheric double. Depending on the health of the person the etheric body generally extends 3-4 inches from the physical body.

If there is an imbalance in the physical body this will generally be reflected in the etheric body. This may be felt as areas of heat or cold. Areas of heat in the etheric body can indicate an excess of energy leading to inflammation. Areas of cold indicate a lack of energy and poor circulation.

If the person is unwell, the etheric body may be depleted with holes or areas where the energy field is thinner. When we give sound healing close to the physical body we are generally influencing the etheric body. The etheric body and the physical body are both revitalised by sound healing.

Emotional Body

Beyond the etheric body lies the emotional body. This body generally extends up to two feet from the physical body. The emotional body is constantly changing depending on our emotional state. This body is associated with the colours that psychics see around the physical body.

Although the emotional body is constantly changing most people have a predominant colour and underlying emotional state. Cold areas in the emotional body may indicate areas of sadness while areas of heat can indicate anger or repressed emotions. 

If you find a blockage of energy that doesn’t change with your sound healing close to the body then the imbalance most likely lies in the emotional body.

To treat the emotional body you need to move further away from the person and offer the sound healing with the intention to balance the emotional body. It is more difficult to scan the emotional body with your voice. 

Mental Body

Beyond the emotional body lies the mental body. The mental body generally extends 3-4 feet from the physical body. This body is associated with our thoughts. Our thoughts are constantly changing; as a result this body changes in size depending on whether our thoughts are positive or negative.

Although the mental body is constantly changing most people have a predominant mental state, which may be generally positive or negative. If a person is very negative they will have dense or dark areas in their emotional and mental bodies. Sound healing can help to dissipate these dense energies and lift a person’s spirit.

An over active mind can cause a build up of energy around the head leading to the person being ungrounded. This is common in people with desk jobs.

Negative energies can often be found in the emotional and mental bodies. Negative energies attach themselves to people when their energy field is depleted due to illness, depression or shock. The excessive use of alcohol or drugs can also attract negative energies.

Negative energies can be cleared by percussive sounds such as tuning forks, cymbals, gongs and bells. Invoking powerful positive energies like Archangel Michael can also clear negative energies.

If you have cleared negative energies from a person make sure that you fill up the space created in their energy field with positive sounds, chants, mantras or prayers. You can give the person a positive affirmation to say for the next few days after their treatment. You also need to cleanse the room once the person has gone.

Beyond the three main subtle bodies are higher spiritual bodies made of even more subtle energy.

Different spiritual traditions have different names for the subtle bodies. In some spiritual traditions the emotional body is called the astral body, while the mental body is called the causal body. The subtle bodies are also closely linked to the ‘koshas’, the five sheaths of yoga. 

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