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Simone Vitale
Category: Sound Healing

Sound Healing and the awakening of the Divine Feminine

Sound Healing has been with us since times immemorial. People have been using sound to change (or maintain) states of consciousness since the dawn of time.

Currently, we are witnessing a rapidly growing interest in this field that was but a fringe movement only 20 years ago.

I believe that this is happening as a consequence of a much bigger shift in consciousness we are all part of at this time in history. This shift is often referred to as the “awakening of the Divine Feminine”.

Over the last 5000 years (at least) we have been living and shaping our societies under the influence of an imbalanced Masculine principle, which has taken over our minds, belief systems and attitudes.

It is very likely that this happened as a step on the path of our evolutionary journey. However, the way we have experienced it has more often than not been traumatic. Mindsets characterised by competition, domination, control, disrespect for nature and suppression of women in societies have led our choices for millennia.

As this situation is slowly but surely changing towards a more balanced condition, we are witnessing a strong movement of female empowerment, as well as the rise of sustainable technologies and the awareness of an environmental crisis that we may or may not be able to reverse.

Even though the current situation is critical, we also know for sure that we are not mere spectators of this process. We are not meant to just stand by and see how it will go. We have the power of our own daily choices, big and small.

In the wake of this massive consciousness awakening, sound healing is making its way into the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people in many different ways. Whether it is the chanting of sacred words, listening to healing music or offering sound healing services, Sound Healing is becoming more and more known to growing numbers of people.

Now it is time to take a further step and realise that Sound Healing is not only for us.

Sound itself is an element, perhaps the fifth element to be added to the traditional four. The totality of sounds of this planet forms the phonosphere (as in atmosphere or hydrosphere) and every single sound that occurs has an influence on this phonosphere.

What if the phonosphere played an important role in maintaining the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem?

Sensorial stimulation is crucial in the development of a brain, and this includes sound. Actually, for us humans, sound starts playing its important role in our development while we are still in utero.

Brains can take different forms. Animals have a centralised brain, while plants have a decentralised brain. Could sound play a similar role in the development of whatever is the equivalent of the “brain” of the massive living being that the Earth is?

Human beings produce a massive amount of toxic sound emissions that have a negative and weakening impact on the sound field of the earth.

Taking care of the Earth is at the foundation of the existence of any society that honors the Mother and the Feminine. Being a Sound Healer in this special time means not only using sound for the purpose of healing other human beings, it means also being aware and doing everything possible to assist the Earth with the power of sound. By creating healing sound vibrations, we are not only healing ourselves, but we are simultaneously counter effecting toxic sound emission.

Sound is a creative energy, therefore feminine in nature. As we dive deeper and deeper into one of the most challenging times of our history, let’s open ourselves to the gifts that Sound Healing can bring to help us support the Divine Feminine in its journey back to the forefront of our consciousness.

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