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Simon Heather
Category: Sound Healing

Sound Healing for the Environment

As the world’s climate becomes increasingly more chaotic I believe that sound healing for the environment is going to become more important.

A few years ago a group of us came together to perform a Tibetan Buddhist Practice for healing the Environment that is taught by Lama Ganchen. After two months of continuous rain I had been flooded out of the house where I was living in Shrewsbury. A large part of the town centre was under water.

After performing the practice we woke up the next day to clear skies and sunshine. The weather changed from then on. Was this a coincidence or not who can say?

For thousands of years shamans in various cultures around the world have performed rituals to influence the weather. In such cultures, human beings are seen as connected to all living things and to nature itself.

Rosemary Guiley says “Based on my own experience I have seen shamans invoke rain and watch the rain manifest. I have seen shamans invoke the spirit of lighting while their invocations were punctuated by bolts of lightning hurling across the sky. I have seen shamans command the wind to blow and demand that it stop.” (R.E. Guiley - Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience - p113).

Hopi Rain Dance

Edward Curtis is well known for his photographs of Native American people. In 1912 he participated in the Hopi Rain Dance. After the ceremony, the chiefs of both clans would remain in their kivas for four days of purification and prayer for rain. "If it doesn't rain, they believe there has been an error in the performance."

Curtis expressed his concern in case it did not rain. They might believe that his presence was the reason the rain did not come. "Thankfully," he wrote, "billowing dark clouds formed over the mountains and the welcome rain began to fall." The Hopi’s have a saying; “If your heart is pure you can call the rain”.


CNN News reported that, “the first strong rains in six months fell onTuesday on the remote Amazon state of Roraima, kindling hopes that wildfires that have raged out of control for three months would soon end. The rains fell on dried forests one day after two Caiapo Indian shamans were flown to the Yanomami reservation to perform a special ritual they believed would bring rain.”

"If it's a coincidence or not, I don't know, but it certainly seemed to have done the trick," said Alan Suassuna, press spokesman for the Federal Indian Bureau in Boa Vista. The ritual was performed Monday night and involved dancing, praying and the gathering of leaves, Suassuna said. Heavy rains started at about 9:30 a.m. the next day and lasted about four hours. (1998 Cable News Network).


Local meteorologist, Roger Shulman from 107 FM Radio called in Seminole medicine man Bobby Henry to do a rain dance to help put an end to the unusual drought. Shulman had witnessed medicine man, Bobby Henry's rain dance on Hillsborough's Courthouse steps when within 15 minutes after his dance, a tremendous lightening and thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere.


Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture is the largest lake in Japan. The lake was heavily polluted, with foul smelling dirty water. Every summer the surface of the lake was covered with a foreign species of aquatic plant called 'kokanada' algae that then putrefied. It spread a foul odour in the area. For over twenty years the prefecture had been carrying out a large-scale operation to weed it out.

On the 25th of July 1999 at 4:30 a.m. 350 people gathered and faced Lake Biwa and offered to it the words of the " Great Declaration”. Dr. Emoto led the group in doing this and everyone performed the intoning of the words ten times. 

The 'Great Declaration' is a Kotodama, a powerful statement to actualise world peace. It states that "The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony". The prayer is infused with the positive energy of the universe, which spreads to surrounding things and penetrates them.

In Japan the word Kotodama means, “Word Spirit or Soul". Japanese people believe that mystical powers dwell in words and names. The notion of Kotodama presupposes that sounds can magically affect objects, and that the use of ritual words can influence our environment, body, mind, and soul.

One month after the day of the prayer ‘Kyoto Shinbun’ an local newspaper reported –

"Every summer on Lake Biwa the foreign species of algae called kokanada, which almost covers the lake as it flourishes abnormally, is practically out of sight this year…. The complaints of foul odour which come in to Shiga prefecture have been nil this year, and the amount of algae cleaned up by the prefecture is a mere pittance." (Kyoto Shinbun August 27th 1999 - Dr Emoto - The True Power of Water p135).

The healing for the lake lasted a year. Dr. Emoto says that the prayer has to be continuously conducted to keep the lake clean. They are planning to have a water ceremony at Lake Biwa on March 22nd 2010 which is International Day for Water.

New Mexico

“Several years ago, a man named David stood in the middle of a desert in New Mexico. He stood before a circle made of stones. He had gone to that specific place to “pray rain” because New Mexico was in the midst of a three-year drought with no relief in sight.”

“David slowly removed his shoes, closed his eyes, and with his feet bare to the earth he cautiously navigated his way around the stones. With each step, his naked toes came within fractions of an inch of the outer stones. Never once did he touch them. After David completed the circle, he stopped, straightened his posture, and moved his hands into a praying position in front of his face. After a few moments in this position, he took a deep breath and walked away.”

“That afternoon the weather changed. The rain came suddenly, and soon a full-fledged thunderstorm was under way. It rained all afternoon and into the evening.”

“Now, can we say for certain that David’s prayer played a role in the storms that followed? No. But we can say that the weather in northern New Mexico changed that day. From weeks of drought, failing crops, and dehydrating cattle, in one day the weather shifted to torrential rains that gave way to a pattern of daily showers. And the time between the unexpected shift in weather and David’s prayer was just a matter of hours.”

“The key is to understand that David didn’t pray for rain, he prayed rain. Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between the two.” (Speaking the Lost Language of the Gods – Greg Braydon).

David told Greg that “When I was young our elders passed onto me the secret of prayer. The secret is that when we ask for something we acknowledge what do not have. Continuing to ask only gives power to what has never come to pass.”

“The path between man and the forces of this world begins in our hearts. It is here that our feeling world is married to our thinking world. In my prayer, I begin with the feeling of gratitude for all that is and all that has come to pass. I give thanks for the desert wind, the heat, and the drought, for it is the way of it, until now.”

“Then I choose a new medicine. I begin to have the feeling of what rain feels like. I feel the rain falling on my body. Standing in the stone circle, I imagine standing in the plaza of our village, barefoot in the rain. I felt the wet earth oozing between my naked toes. I smelled the smell of the rain on the straw-and-mud walls of our village after the storms. I feel what it feels like to walk though fields of corn growing up to my chest because the rain has been so plentiful. The old ones remind us that this is how we choose our path in the world.”

“Our prayer becomes a prayer of thanks. Through our thanks we honour all the possibilities and bring the ones we choose into this world” (The Issiah Effect - Greg Braydon p167).


We are beginning to understand how powerful thoughts and words are. Recent scientific research has shown that people with a positive approach to life live longer and have fewer illnesses than people with a negative outlook. (The Independent - 7th April 2009).

If our words and thoughts can influence our body they can also influence the world around us. On Feb 14th 2010 sound healers from all over the world will be joining together for World Sound Healing Day. Add your voice to the sound of healing. For more information see –

Simon Heather is the Principal of the College of Sound Healing. His web site is -

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