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Gavin Frank
from: Gavin Frank
Category: Sound Healing

Sound: The Primal Force

We are living in challenging times with the last few years being full of distress, grief and chaos for many.  What can we do for ourselves and our own mental health? In my experience sound and voice has been an essential as well as immense gift and tool for my own well being. To be able to sing oneself from fear into a place of deep peace very simply by chanting a mantra for 10 mins, or vocalising the deepest longing or singing out a song of ecstatic joy can be the best medicine. I firmly believe that we all have a voice irrelevant of whether we class ourselves as a musician or think we can sing in tune. Sound is a primal force that we all have access to if we allow it.  Children are great teachers. They spontaneously make sound without any censoring. My workshops offer a safe empowering space to explore the power and wisdom of each voice. We utilise practices such as mantra, movement, improvisation, breathing exercises, meditation, and combination of ancient and contemporary vocal maps to draw out the full resonant potential of the soul. As the mind relaxes the individual begins to surrender to their inner voice which is free of self consciousness and fear and aligned with their highest being. In that moment anything is possible and the potential of that person is limitless. The more we can resource ourselves with who we really are the more this will enable us to deal with any situation however challenging. 

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