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Sound Therapy & Massage

Sound Therapy & Massage

Elizabeth has always possessed a natural ability for massage and body therapy.  This was further enhanced when Liz got her diploma in Massage from the NSW School of Theraputic Massage in Sydney. She followed this with specialised training in the techniques of Indian Head Neck and Shoulders, Thai, Hawaiin, Esalen and her speciality Trigger Point massage.

Having grown up with a mother in the industry, (Carmel Strickland, Double Bay, Sydney) this work was second nature and Elizabeth has always found herself with an enthusiastic list of clients.  Currently she works in Sydney (at Bayside Natural Health Centre, Double Bay)

Prior to this, she worked extensively in London, both freelance and at “Apotheke 20-20” on the Chiswick High Road (4 years) and “Anthyllide” in the Marais in Paris, an exclusive Natural Health Boutique (4 years) and also in New York City.

Elizabeth’s thirst for development in every area of her life brought her to discover the Antannea Massage Technique, in London in 2002, which uniquely combines her extensive vocal training, and massage skills, with colour therapy in the interest of balancing, and supporting the body on all levels.

Antaneea TechniqueAntaneea Technique originated in South Africa by Penni Du Pleiss in the interest of bringing wellbeing to both the client and the therapist.

Elizabeth feels an affinity with this work and this use of her voice in a clinical situation, has been the start of her devlopment as a sound therapist.

Elizabeth has been successfully practicing Antaneea in London, Paris and NY, and now Sydney for the past 9 years, in spas (London, Paris), clinics (Paris and Sydney), hospitals (NYC) and nursing homes (NYC).

Continuing to develop her skills as a sound therapist, whilst residing in New York,  Elizabeth was offered the first full scolarship to study under Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo, the Facial Soundscapes levels 1,2 and 3. A sound therapy method using Acutonics Tuning forks on the body and face, (acupuncture points), for health and wellbeing. In France she worked closely with cancer patients, using the tuning forks for effective pain management… One patient described the forks as “better than the morphine”.

In New York, Elizabeth spent her time developing and doing scientific research into the effects of sound therapy on the body at Beth Israel Medical Centre, working closely with Doctors, and furthermore in Santa Fe, working with PhD student Susan Russel on an FDA approved machines which test both therapist and client before and after treatments.

Elizabeth is a professional member of FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) since 2000 and one of the first members of S.A.M.A (Sound and Music Alliance) in the USA.

Elizabeth is committed to setting up a similar organisation to SAMA in Australia.

SAMA Australia, essentially being a useful network of professionals working intentionally with sound and music in their respective fields. ( EG, Palliative care, autism, PTSD, war veterans, animals, spas, surgery, pure research, Indigenous, film, chiropractic, children, music therapy, harps in hospitals, music during surgery, use of music in nursing homes, tomatis work, the list is diverse and becoming more mainstream in society…).

Elizabeth is passionate that this important network of people know each other and can draw on each others resources and share their knowledge, expertise, and refer patients, family members, clients, film makers, pets, plants to people working professionally with sound and music, and to bring a wider awareness of this work to the greater public.

SAMA Australia is open both to the public as a resource, and also as professional network.  Please contact Elizabeth for details.

With her husband and filmmaker Albert Lecoanet, together they have started documenting this work worldwide and are in the process of making a film for TV.

Currently in her private clinic in Glebe, Sydney, Elizabeth offers a range of massage, which also includes optional sound therapy, drawing upon Antaneea (UK, South AFRICA) and the use of Acutonics Tuning Forks, within the Facial Soundscapes protocol. (USA). Elizabeth also has a beautiful range of Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls which she will incorporate into a massage bringing deeper relaxation to the client.

Elizabeth has also gained a cetain awareness of sound therapy, through her yogic roots of Nada Yoga, which she has also studied in ashrams in Australia, India and France.

Yoga NidraElizabeth has recorded 2 CDs “Yoga Nidra” in France with the head of RYE (Research on Yoga in Educaton France) Swami Yoga Bhakti (Micheline Flak). Elizabeth can be heard  doing the biji mantras and toning certain colours frequencies during the Yoga Nidra.

"Yoga Nidra" is a guided 20 min relaxation used to calm, relax and rejuvenate the body/mind and the toning of the colours gently energises and touches the energy centres of the body. "Yoga Nidra" CD is available in English and in French.

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