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Lyz Cooper
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Sound Works!

This is an exciting time to be alive. 

The rapid advancement of science over the past hundred years or so is now able to support what sages have been telling us for thousands of years.  The worlds of science and magic are meeting.  If you read some of the latest books on quantum theory you could easily be mislead into thinking you were reading a modernised excerpt from an ancient spiritual teaching. 

This is particularly exciting for the practitioners of energy medicines such as spiritual healing, homeopathy and sound therapy to name a few as it helps to explain why these methods are so effective.

Everything in the universe is made from vibrating particles and waves of energy.  

The ground that we stand on is not solid but consists of particles which vibrate at different frequencies.  Even the thoughts we have are a form of energy. 

The vibration, or resonance that these particles create has a frequency that can be measured and converted into a sound frequency.  This sound frequency is measured in cycles per second (CPS) or Hertz (Hz). The human ear can hear between 16 - 22,000 Hz so most of the frequencies given off by the objects in the world around us are either below (too dense for) or above (too fine for) our range of hearing (although this doesn't mean you can't feel them).

Our organs, chakras and different areas of our bodies all resonate at different frequencies and therefore sing a different note.  These notes, when blended together, produce a symphony that is as unique as a fingerprint – each one of us creating our own individual sound signature. 

There are standard frequencies for optimum health, and, depending on how healthy and balanced we are, we will either be more or less in tune with this optimum state of being.  Due to the constant bombardment of stressors to the system such as pollution, diet, relationships, financial stress, environmental factors, our job etc., we are often being pulled 'out of tune' with our true song. 

Prolonged exposure to stressors such as these can result in dis-ease.  Not only this, but if the system is prevented from achieving its optimum state the full potential of an individual can never be realised and therefore one is held back in life.

Sound therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way to 're-tune' mind, body and spirit.  Sound is used to identify and correct imbalances on all levels of being using a universal law known as 'sympathetic resonance and entrainment'.  An example of sympathetic resonance would be if you took two tuning forks of the same note and held them relatively close to each other, when you struck one of the forks the other would begin to ring. 

This is because the sound-waves from the tuning fork that was struck have travelled through the air and activated the tuning fork that wasn't struck.  This only happens when the tuning forks are of the same note. 

This principle is also evident with people. 

You may get on really well with someone and say you are ‘on the same wavelength’ – or ‘I like you’ (I [am] like you).  You are recognising a similar frequency within the other person that is within your energy matrix.  Entrainment is something which happens over a period of time.  Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) was a Dutch mathematician who patented the first pendulum clock.  In an attempt to illustrate this principle he left a large number of clocks in the same room overnight.  On leaving the room, he noted that the pendulums were all swinging in different directions, but on returning the following morning all the pendulums were swinging the same way. 

This is because the other pendulums had entrained to the most dominant clock in the room.  The idea that a clock can be dominant may seem a bit strange but there would have been something about that clock that allowed it to have a more dominant energy over the others – or perhaps there were more clocks that were in synch than not – therefore creating the dominance.  This principle is evident in religion, politics and relationships – in fact, everywhere in the world you can find these universal laws at work. 

Sound Therapy is used in the same way to re-train the chakras and energy systems of the body to remember their optimum way of being.  A skilled sound therapist will play the frequencies a person needs in a certain way, taking time to entrain the system.  The sound is easily assimilated by the individual being treated and sent around the system via the chakras and nadis (energy channels similar to the meridians).  This can be done using ancient and modern instruments such as Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, voice, tuning forks, gong, mantra, monochord, didgeridoo etc.

Like any complementary therapy, sound therapy is best used as a preventative tool. In an ideal world we would detect and clear our imbalances before they were able to manifest in physical, mental or emotional dis-ease, but in our busy lives we often keep going until forced to take notice.  In this case a return to the optimum way of being is not out of the question, but may take longer.  Sound therapy has been used with very positive results for a wide range of illnesses such as chronic pain, tinnitus, depression and anxiety, cysts, hormonal problems, insomnia, stress and migraine to mention a few.  Some clients have experienced permanent relief from long-term chronic symptoms and it is very rare that clients experiencing a treatment receive no benefit whatsoever. 

An easy way to begin working with sound is to start with your own voice.  Unless there is a physiological or neurological imbalance, everyone has a voice.  For a quick pick me try a quick boost of ‘sonic caffeine’ first thing in the morning.  A few minutes of toning a high pitched ‘EEEE’ will stimulate the mental level and leave you feeling tingly and ready for a wonderful day.  You can also use this method if you are studying for an examination or about to give a presentation.  If you are feeling frazzled after a busy day - why not try some ‘sonic hot chocolate?’  A few minutes toning a mid to low pitched ‘AAhhh’ will leave you feeling relaxed.  It will also help to lower blood pressure, respiration and adrenaline levels so it is perfect for stress and anxiety.  If you have had an argument with someone, or if you feel in need of a little TLC how about a sonic cuddle?  Spend a few minutes toning a mid-range ‘Oh’ sound and at the same time slowly and gently rubbing your arms and shoulders as if to say ‘there there’.  Regular use of these three simple vowel sounds may help you to achieve a more balanced energy state – or you may prefer to receive a treatment from a qualified practitioner.

This method is by no means new - many ancient civilisations used sound as a powerful tool for healing and transformation. The best practitioners today combine both ancient and modern techniques, producing an effective healing tool that is a synergy of scientific research, intuition and thousands of years of knowledge.  When choosing a sound practitioner, as with any complementary practitioner, check that they are suitably qualified and insured before choosing to work with them.

Lyz Cooper founded Soundworks in 1997 and went on to form The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) in 2000.  BAST was the first training facility in the UK to offer a professional qualification in sound therapy.  BAST is affiliated to The Institute for Complementary Medicine, The Complementary Medical Association and the British Complementary Medicine Association. 

Lyz is the sound therapy consultant for the ICM and is helping to set standards for sound therapy in the UK.  She is studying an MA in Education at Chichester University and is researching the effectiveness of sound on learning ability.  Lyz also runs workshops all over the UK to introduce people to working with sound for self-healing and transformation as well as intensive workshops for those familiar with working with sound.  For further details please contact.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy,

PO Box 1111,


PO19 9HP,

Tel 01243 544454

Visit the Sacred Sounds Website

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