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Jill Mattson
from: Jill Mattson
Category: Sound Healing

Sound - through the Dimensional Porthole!

Dimensions – this word implies intellectual stuff thatpeople are far from understanding, but surprising there is much we already knowabout the crazy idea of dimensions. For starters, a dot belongs to the firstdimension, whereas a line links to the realm of two dimensions. Width, heath andlength link to the third dimension. We add the energy of time and whala! Wehave another dimension. And seriously, would we really think that with all thepossibilities that there are no other dimensions??? Even science has shownmathematically the existence of theoretical dimensions.

So what do we know? The dot is a small part of a line. Let’suse the lines to draw designs for a paper house that we construct that has width,height and depth. If we were the dot, we would make decisions on theinformation contained with the dot. If we were the line, we would make decisionsbased on the “line information,” and so on. But notice that more energy iscontained in higher dimensions. In ancient times medicine men and mages usedmeditative techniques and brain entrainment processes to allow their minds and emotionsto go to other dimensions, and retrieve information. Back to our example: surelythe dot consciousness would benefit by knowing all of the information that theline knows – the line holding potentially infinite dots. Likewise throughoutthe ages man has gone to higher dimensions to retrieve information to make a “biggerpicture” decision. Perhaps our future selves reside in another dimension or otherselves live in a parallel dimension or a higher dimension. Today, perhaps wecould go to a meditative theta brain wave state and ask to see ourselves afterwe have solved a problem or accomplished a big task we are just beginning now(energy follows intent – think of Schrodinger’s Cat Experiment in psychics). Wecould use this not only retrieve information, but energy and answers to currentproblems.

Energy flows both ways. We can go to a higher dimension and retrieveinformation like our ancestors did. We can alsogo to other dimensions and leave information.Why would we do this??? Would the line care about the dot??? The dot is aportion of the line. Another example is “do you care about your finger?” Yourfinger is a part of your body. And yes the safety and well being of yourfingers are important to you. So we could meditatively enter a higher dimensionand leave an S.O.S. for help ( is this what prayer is?). Perhaps we could enteran altered mental state and think of a person that we wish to do business withand leave a message with them to contact us. This is what is known today asmediumship – only in reverse! The implications and benefits of this practiceare staggering!

Does what happen in one dimension affect what happens inanother? Are these realms independent or interdependent? Look at the dimensionsthat we are sure of - the first to third dimensions. Let’s take the paper housethat we constructed with our line drawings on a piece of paper. Now we will setfire to that paper house. When the paper house is nothing but ashes does theline exist? Does the circumstance of one dimension affect another??? In our exampleabout the body and the finger - if the body dies, is the finger impacted? Ofcourse! Being very intuitive, many times I have gotten a bad feeling about asituation only later to see snippets of a past life which was the root cause ofmy bad feeling. For example if I drown in my last life, changes are I amterrified of water in this life. There is bleed through from one dimension toanother.


To understand how this works I recall my musical studies.With the process of resonance, energy from an E string o a violin will transferto a nearby E string of another violin. Invisible sound energy transfers on thesame note, an octave of it and several harmonious intervals of this root note.When we listen to peaceful and uplifting music we change our emotions,brainwaves and even physicality. So pleasing and uplifting music that blessesus now and also has bleed through - like all vibrations do! I imagine that themusic that we like in one life comes forward in a new life as a musicalpreference. And we thought music was mere entertainment???? Dimensions aresubsets of information. Music is also a subset of information, shaping andinfluencing us – body mind and soul! Ancient people knew this and used music toincorporate healing patterns found in nature – which I have incorporated intomy music!


Total Wellness through Sound!

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