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The Sound and The Storm

It is undeniable that times are tough and may even get tougher.  The situation across the world does not look good.  It doesn't need much close analysis to know that with the losses we have experienced during the pandemic, open aggression towards another country by a world leader and cost of living fears that at the macro-level the outlook looks bleak.  However one would be making a serious error of judgment if one equated macro issues with the 'micro'.  By 'micro', I mean 'us', you and me and our individual power and destiny in contrast to the macro issues of world politics and finance.

We talk about politics like we talk about the weather and it is easy to see the possibility of an economic or political hurricane heading straight for us.  In some senses it is already here and at another level some things have passed and we are now having to clear the debris.

Change is the only constant.

The hurricane certainly looks big, dark and threatening. If seen this way, at the macro level, it doesn't look very encouraging. However from where you sit now as you look more closely at it there are many variations in the picture of the storm.  Yes, there are dark clouds and high winds, but also there are gaps too and even some sunshine.  Opportunities exist.  Communities that have always wanted to bring themselves together will find themselves doing so.  Individuals now find a role for themselves and a sense of purpose.  We can see that we are not alone and there are people out there ready to give support. 

The storm has a varied and flowing mixture of conditions which have similarities to the use of creative sound.  Like a free improvisation that can seem initially chaotic, form emerges.  It is with this form and shape we humans can work and develop.  From within the chaos, in these conditions, creative answers will emerge so long as you have an appropriate and helpful mindset.  The storm doesn't have to be you.  You can mindfully work with whatever comes, being present, seeing the reality of this moment's truth.  By doing so you see the possibilities and the choices you have without the darkness of the storm.  Seeing clearly you know what you can do and how your creativity and purpose can merge with the lightness, reality and truth of this moment.

Making sound bypasses thought and fear and offers a new space for the sunshine of choice and opportunity.  

You are not the hurricane.  You are the sound moment.

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