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Shirley Stump
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Sound Healing is the use of the voice or instruments to apply sound to help our mind, body and soul come to a place of balance and harmony. By soothing, moving stuck energy, making space, relieving pain and tension and enabling relaxation, which aids the healing process.

It is a non-evasive therapeutic tool and can be used on everyone.

For our bodies to be healthy and be in a state of balance we need our organs to work efficiently, have a good blood flow, oxygen supply and for our bodies to be able to release and expel toxins. When we suffer a trauma, physical or emotional we can hold these traumas in our body, tensing these areas so reducing a good blood flow, oxygen and can create a build-up of toxins resulting in our body feeling pain, discomfort out of ease, dis-ease.

Sound can enable healing to take place by softening and relaxing our muscles like an internal massage releasing blockages and helping the body to release the toxins and flush out of the system.

Everything in the universe is not a solid mass but in fact made up of vibrating particles, everything including us. This is such a profound thought as everything that vibrates has a frequency or a sound. So we are in fact made of sound. We are made up of many parts all vibrating to different frequencies/sounds.

Each of our organs in our bodies vibrate/resonate at their own frequency, as earlier when mentioned when thinking of each of our organs like a musical instrument and our body as the orchestra if one of the instruments is out of tune then this impacts the whole orchestra. When we are healthy our body vibrates at the right frequency then we feel well. We are in “sound health”. So Sound Healing can tune up our body enabling good health.

I offer 1-2-1 Sound Healing sessions and also group Guided Relaxation with Sound sessions.

1-2-1 sessions are £40 each and we recommend at least 3 sessions, each one will be different. The session is 60 minutes including greeting and time to settle at the end.

Group sessions are £20 per person and sessions are 90 mins including tea and snack with chat at the end.

What to expect:

1-2-1 sessions:

After a brief chat and filling out a medical form you will lay fully clothed and covered by a blanket on a treatment bed or in whatever position is most comfortable for you.

I will use my voice and various calming instruments to bring you into a deeply relaxed state. All you have to is rest and enjoy the relaxing sensations.

Many people will experience their body and mind becoming very still, relaxed, warm or tingly. Even if their mind stays busy they may experience thinking in a calmer way.

Group sessions:

Everyone makes themselves comfortable laying on a yoga mat and wrapped up with blankets and pillows. I will then take you on a guided visualisation, your body responds to the words by softening and your mind calms. I then deepen your relaxation by surrounding you with beautiful sounds from various instruments. Many people fall asleep or come in and out, feeling a warmth or tingling and over all feeling of relaxation.

During both there will be moments of silence, silence in sound healing is very important. During the silence our bodies react to all the vibrations it has just received without the interruption of external noise. Absorbing deep down to our cells, moving, releasing, calming, and healing.

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