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Kees Peters
from: Kees Peters
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Soundfulness is a soundwork-method which works from
body awareness, mindful awareness and therapeutic resonance.

Let me explain how resonance acts in soundmassage with singing bowls.
If you hit a bowl with a timpani stick the vibration moves from this point of touch to the center of the bowl.
After this first moment there also moves a vibration from the center to the whole outer circle of this bowl.
Here generates a dialogue between environment and center.
In a therapeutic setting there also will  be a vibration: the center is the person who plays the singing bowl.
The environment is the total field of presence, inclusive client and player.

For optimal dialogue there must be a few conditions : body awareness and mindful awareness.
Body awareness: the player of the bowl has to be present. This means  from  contact with his/her body
Then here  will be an affective tension between player and client.
Mindful awareness: The player has an open intention and invitation to the client.
Both, body awareness and mindful awareness, make it possible that you exactly know what and how  to play with singing bowls
or other instruments. This is a being in the flow. This is the expression of open dialogue and optimal resonance. This has therapeutic qualities. This is therapeutic resonance.

You can watch this subtle communication with sounds in the movie, Soundfulness Breda

In this movie fragment I worked with this man for the first time.
See what happens in the silence, the space between the sounds.
Feel the open emphatic togetherness.
This man has most of the time a lot of pain in his tense spastic body.
In the interview he told me, with a big smile, he could feel his body.

Kees Peters Soundfulness februari 2012

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