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Spiritual Technology for the Shifting Point from The Angels of Atlantis

In a time when Mother Earth was one landmass - when all present continents were joined –the Angels administered sound as a catalyst of profound proportion. The Gaia was then inhabited by beings who had seeded her, and who utilized sound and light in harmonious healing spheres to bring transformation and information to all surface life beings - for sound transforms and light informs.

Today, sound may similarly be used, particularly in this year of great transformation. For just as in the original time, when inclusivity fostered authentic relationships between all beings, chanted sound and crystal playing may be used to transform matter, open energy portals, and clear pathways to magnetize fifth dimensional energy. For this is a time of Ascension – a time of becoming at one with a higher dimensional force - a drawing in of light through the entire body of humanity.

In Atlantis, the early human beings lived lives that were acutely receptive to the symphony of the Gaia - a notethat hummed and vibrated through the soles of their feet, and which formed the earthy Bass Chord of their own identity and relationship with the Planet. Every dimension, every Planet, every being, everything had its own signature note – all were vibrating to the seed sound of creation – and moreover this is still so today.

When the beings who became Atlanteanarrived on the Planet, the Earth was divided into separate continents, as they arrivedfrom many other Stars Systems, bringing with them their own sound seeding, which created the sonic fabric of their cultural identity. This was a timenot unlike the settling of North Americaat the end of the nineteenth century, when pioneering fervormoved humans to settle in different areas of the continent that was Atlantis. Indeed, beings came from many areas of the Galaxyto settle in the new world of the Gaia, for it had been created as a cosmic experiment of unique status -a bio-sphere with extraordinary natural eco-systems that exercised binary phenomena in a terrestrial environment of three dimensions.

Each soul that arrived on Atlantis had its own musical frequency, and all living beings are stillenriched with this vibration. As these notes were attuned to the music of Gaia, thisprimordial sound print literally vibrated through every cell of everybody. Similarly today,there are exceptional human beingssuch as the Shaman of North & South America,who also hear the sound print or note of each plant, each mineral, each tree, each animal and each human being.

Atlantean harmony was established far beyond the emotional interaction of each being, for throughout the civilization of Atlantis one could hear the music of each soul flowing via the harmony of each other soul, and so there was no discord. As such this prototype Gaian culture was considered the most harmonious and significant in the whole Galaxy. For Earth space was where multi-dimensional beings came to reside in tune with the vibration of Gaia, living in grace-filled, peaceful co-existence, and involved in co-creative productivity.

However, as Atlantis evolved there became a massive transition within the gravity of the planet, particularly through the sensory development of the Earth beings, and this interfered with the soul’s music or WAM. When discord arose, physical disharmony was healed within the great Crystal caves of Atlantis. These were vast temples of Crystal seams, wherethe Priest-Healers governed by Archangel Raphaelcreatedattunementsby striking the various matrices of Crystals.  This healing created such resonance that the individual or soul group would be immediately be brought back into harmony.

The purpose for revealing this today is to suggest that much of the symphony of the Gaia is similarly out of tune. The ancient catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis came about through the mis-creation of sound within the Crystals of the Gaia, and this still perpetuates todaythrough the existence of ‘noise’. The noise referred to is created by machines, chemical toxicity, discursivesona, and negative emotionality, to a point where something must be done to bring the WAM back into alignment, and to harmonize the Earth.

Through the Angels caring facilitation they wish to use the power of light and the sound of love, to tune the WAM or music of the soul, to drench human flesh with such harmony that supernatural healing will immediately takes place. This healing will allow the individual to feel the co-creative heart impulse of the Divine,vibrating powerful harmonies in order to transform. This is ahupotential power from the great sound field of the Galaxy.

To align with this probability, the Angels of Atlantis ask us to tune our bodies, to live regimes that bring the harmony of sound and light into our bodies. These regimeswill in turn activate the light bodyin such a way, that human beings will receive the oscillating frequencies of the fifth dimension. The Angels wish to add, that this is already achieved by some remarkable humans who live their lives in accordance with the power of the LIGHT. These people live out the sanctity of life in belief of NOW, and practice being at one with the light of the Solar Deity, the Source.

The Angels suggest a formula that will assist the awakening of the human light body, to help replenish the KA of life force. The KA if made of light which enters the body through the eyes, the skin, and through food and fluid intake. Many of the essential chemicals needed for opening the love of the light body and the pineal gland are derived from raw fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and water.

So, here are a number of simple measures that will accelerate your LIGHTFIELD’s development:

  • Remove dead animal flesh from your regime, it holds no light

  • Select whole, natural foods from the base of the food chain, such as beans, seeds, fruit, vegetable and grains

  • Eat 70% raw food, rather than cooking, and ideally straight from the plant’s source

  • All living beings flourish through love, and so choose foods that aren’t chemically produced

  • Do not microwave food, and bless food before eating it

  • Place quartz crystal into your drinking water, making sure the quartz is charged with love

  • Breathe light into your body using visualization techniques

  • Chant the OM at least once a day for thirty singular chants, focusing on the Love of the Universe vibrating in your heart

  • Meditate at least once a day for twelve minutes, and thence draw the light deep within your cells

  • Diminish negative emotional behaviors and reactivity – instead focus on responsive grace-filled conduct

  • Practice compassionate acts, non-judgmental behavior, forgiveness, and the love of inclusivity

  • Embrace Mother nature at least once a day

These sound and light measures, and others will assist the attunement to the great note of the individual, planetary and galactic soul. Each practice will help to restore the WAM, the music of the soul of the Earth, and will entrain the energy field of all living beings to absorb more light. Thus any darkness that lies within the cells of the living being will be transformed into light.

Stewart Pearce (copyright)

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