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The Stress Is Gone Real-Time Technique helps people let go of stress the second it starts. This enables us to shift from overreacting to stress, to responding consciously to it. The 3-step process will guide you in becoming conscious when you become stressed, and empower you to perceive a clear solution. With practice you’ll be able to navigate through stressful situations, eliminate future stress-related illnesses, and begin living a stress-free life.


Step 1: PREPARE.

Living stress-free takes practice and preparation. 

Pull-the-plug on Routine Stress. List the daily, weekly, and monthly situations that repeatedly trigger your stress reaction. Include the people, places, and scenarios where stress is most likely to strike. 

Next, practice Reverse-Logic Breathwork. Lay down, close your eyes, and breathe calmly. If possible, place your hands on your body where you feel tension and breath into it. Silently count each inhale breath. During each exhale calmly repeat the word “safe”, which is the Reverse-Logic of our “Fight or Flight” reaction that programs stress, and is built on the logic “I must run or fight to stay alive.”

On your 100th breath begin to imagine a Conscious Response. Start by recalling a recent memory of Routine Stress. As tension builds acknowledge whether your body wants to run or fight, then imagine pressing the “Pause” button, freezing the situation. Unite your mind with the innate desire for peace. Then press the “Play” button and imagine all the tension resolving as you calmly state your desire. This helps your mind prepare to Consciously Respond to Stress.

Step 2: BE AWARE.

When your body gets stressed become conscious and side step the reaction.

Think of your heart as your body’s [CHECK ENGINE] light. When something is wrong, it’s going to let you know. When your heart starts pounding, your body is sounding an alarm saying, “HEY – I’M STRESSED!” Listen to it.


Watch tension build in your body like you’re watching TV. Listen to your stressful thoughts like you’re listening to the radio. Identify with the part of yourself that’s observing the reaction, not the part reacting. Observe everything, attach to nothing, and be stress-free.


Take action. Balance the reaction. Breathe through tension and see through stress. 

When stress strikes respond to your [CHECK ENGINE] light, mentally use Reverse-Logic Breathwork, and briefly step away from the situation if possible.

Once your body’s reaction is over, calmly affirm, “I want ___” as you re-approach the situation. This will prompt your mind to fill-in-the-blank with a Conscious Response. Convey the change desired within you, not what you want others to do. Our brain deems a Conscious Response a quicker path to our wellbeing and settles stress immediately.  

Stress Is Gone provides the knowledge, guidance, and pathway to inner stress relief. We walk toward our vision of a stress-free humanity by offering affordable relief that works.

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