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Spring Winds of Change and Transformation

It is said that in spring the green dragon of the East blows the eight winds into the earth and brings forth a thousand flowers.” — Debra Kaatz

In Classical Five Element Theory spring is the element of wood, the climate is wind, which are often experienced as the winds of change ripe with the potential for new growth, direction, and vision. Development and expansion can be undertaken with child-like curiosity and an endearing search for truth, coupled with the archetypal quality of the work-focused pioneer.

Imagine a tender green sprout pushing its way through the hard packed winter dirt. To access the virtue of this element we need to push through the dirt that prevents forward momentum so that we are able to act with kindness and strength. The greatest fault of this element is a lack of sensitivity to others, which might result in a stress response of explosive anger, or out of balance assertiveness. 

I am just back from the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) annual conference and tomorrow I fly east to the Sound and Music Alliance (SAMA) Board Meeting and first symposium. Although people are coming to the symposium from many directions of the world, the location of this first gathering is the eastern section of the United States and east is also the direction of the Wood Element.

Unpacking and repacking with the high desert spring winds howling outside I am reminded that the Wood Element also relates to spring cleaning, letting go of the old and making room for the new. The spirit energy of this season is the Hun or etheric soul, and the organs are the Liver, which is the planner, visionary, and architect and the Gall Bladder, which is known as the decision maker; it sees the vision, quickly grasps the plan and carries it out.

In our work with sound we focus on the elements, cycles of nature, and correspondence theory. Acupuncture points, meridians, and source points known for their transformational powers provide access points or gateways for the application of tuning forks with both archetypal and intervallic qualities. By treating the two source points associated with this element we are able to bring both planning and decision making into alignment.

Gall Bladder Source Point

GB 37, Clear Illumination, Wilderness Mound (Guang Ming)

Just as we climb a tall hill in the wilderness to locate our position and develop our marching plans, we access this point to help provide clarity and brightness and to illuminate our path. The light of the sun and the moon’s reflective quality provides vision in both day and night and a clear understanding of where we need to go in our lives, and what steps are necessary to get there. What are the decisions that need to be made so that actions can be taken with honor, clear flowing qi, and clarity? This is also the junction point between the Liver and Gall Bladder Channel and helps support appropriate decisions to fulfill strategic plans. The point is located on the outside of the ankle, anterior and below the lateral malleolus (ankle bone).

Liver Source Point

LIV 3, Great Surge, Supreme Surge Forward (Tai Chong)

This is the source and earth point, the place of great balance and grounding that supports us so that we can spring ahead with great energy while remaining balanced and stable. It is a thoroughfare of qi activity and is used to release pent up energy that causes anxiety, irritability, fidgetiness, and tension headaches. In Acutonics we would work with the Earth Day Interval (the frequency of the earth in the 24 hour day combined with Ohm). This harmonic is used to nourish the roots as well as the new growth pushing through the ground or budding at the end of a dormant branch. This point provides confidence to step forward with a new vision, implement the plan and make decisions to successfully fulfill the future. This point is located one-and a half to two inches below the webbing of the big toe in the depression between the tendons.

In our work we often combine LIV 3 with Large Intestine 4, (LI 4) Union Valley. These points are known as the Four Gates of Heaven, and the combination serves as a powerful gateway to help move blocked energy, irritability, or feelings of being stuck. LI 4 is located in the depression between the index finger and the thumb.

By working with just these three points, GB 37, LIV 3, and LI 4 during this spring season we open ourselves to the beauty, potential and magic of spring, and the power of this element. If you don’t work with tuning forks simply hold these points with intention and think about what you want to manifest.

As a founding board member of SAMA I believe the time of our first symposium is auspicious. The Wood Element invites collaboration among pioneers, who work hard together, with joy, laughter, mutual respect, music, and a powerful vision for moving forward to advance the intentional use of sound and music. The potential for new growth in our respective sound and music disciplines is like the potential of spring full of new life, buds and promise. I envision us learning from each other to create unity and alignment from which all of us will benefit and grow. As people gather from many corners of the globe I am especially looking forward to meeting new people and hearing their stories. We have so much to share and so much to learn from each other. The Element of Wood and the season of spring provide a powerful opportunity to generate a beautiful new garden.

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