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Subtle Sound

The mind is composed of sound. It is the reverberation of our words and the ideas which create the mind. Hence the conscious use of sound both purifies and controls the mind. Sound is the highest yoga and the most direct path to the Divine. The Yoga of sound is not concerned only with gross articulated sounds. ------- Four levels of sound are recognized in Vedic literature. The Rig Veda states, ''Four are the levels of sound. These four are called Vaikhari, Madhyamaa, Pashyanti and Paraa''. ------The general perception is that when we speak, sound comes from the voice. What actually happens is that when we have the urge to speak, our life force in the form of vaayu, starts from the root chakra and activates Paraa, the subtle sound, this then travels up to the navel and heart chakras as Pasyanti and Madhyamaa respectively, then it comes to the throat, mouth, teeth and tongue as Vaikhari to come out as sound at the gross level.------ The sound has to pass through several stages before it is audible at the gross level. These stages are called Paraa, Pasyanti, Madhyamaa and Vaikhari. Each level of sound corresponds to a level of existence, and ones experience of sound depends upon the refinement of ones consciousness.

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