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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Sound Healing


A new consciousness is entering our planetary society. It is based on the Theory of Holistic Resonance, and it holds the promise of an all-embracing future full of Love, Truth, Beauty, and ‘Wholeness’.

Holistic Resonance is a wisdom seed of a future reality planted in the actuality of now. It is a vision of all of us ‘working together’, a planetary friendship that will sustain through time. A vibrant fullness and wholeness embracing both the person and the planet through functional harmony, the heavenly music of the gong spheres, but also the dissonant harmony of synthesis. 

When we, as humankind, resonate holistically, we are similar to a great Gong that vibrates with every tone-cell that composes its material Alloy.  Metaphorically, we are elemental particles within the great Meta Gong of Life and we are traveling through Eternal Infinitude in a flat disc-shaped universe resonating a cosmic hum of OM just like a gong does when it ‘sounds’, and an engine releasing power.

If our physical, emotional bodies exhibit fullness of health and happiness, we are technically a true ‘Idiophone’ (like a bell or gong). We have gong-like  space filling micro mind particles in the oceanic mind of a divine intelligence, a Universal Mind. ATTENTION, INTENTION, SUGGESTION, IMAGINATION, INSPIRATION, = HIGH INTUITION, DIVINE INTELLIGENCE, UNIVERSAL MIND = THE POWER TO HEAL AND MAKE WHOLE

Holistic Resonance extends to all levels of creation whether it is through light frequencies or as sound waves, Light/Holo-gramic and Sound/Holo-phonic.

In Holo-istic Resonance, every fractal tone also holds the resonance of the Whole, a kinesthetic experience of Heaven in a Sun flower.

A gong tone is a fractal of the entire outer universe and also the universes within universes. The living/feeling holo-phonic tones of the Universal Gong are unique in this way.

The Way of the Gong is to open an inner gate within the mind leading to Vertical Thinking in order to alter the obsession with the Horizontal/Linear Mind.

In earlier times of the 20th Century, the Vertical Mind process was called Hylozoism, and which now translates into a more modern form called Fractal Holo-ism, which includes “as above so below” and “as within so without”.“In the micro is the macro” and “in the macro is the micro”.

Holo means wholeness of the both/and state, which belongs to the quantum thought world. It is the beyond. It is beyond all either/or worlds of our Horizontal or Linear Mind.


The Beginning of Myth, “From Oceanic Primordial Chaos of the Dark Waters of Space, came a Holo-Luminescent Light, a universal child to be borne. The Grand Archetype floating in Silent Sound stirred within the Void. Suddenly the Great Gong of Life resounded and its OM of fullness began to fill all vacuous space with light.”


The mundane mind of our ego-self is not in control of the quantum flux state, but there is a mind behind the mind of our ego, which allows us to remain as a silent-witness to the event, avoiding judgments of the dualistic mind.

From the Vertical, Transcendent, Trans-Cosmic Mind precipitates an archetypal flow of thoughts into the conscious world of the ego, thus the advent of “Sudden Insight” or “ Revelation”.

A ‘Revelation’ is a mental amalgamation of some sudden Insight, an Awakening, an Understanding.

It is what East Indians might call a ‘Sruti’ and the Greeks might call an ‘Apocalypse’.

It has the power to reveal what has been kept hidden.THE GONG POWER OF SYNTHESIS

The remarkable alloy of a Gong is an amalgamation of either copper, nickel and tin (bronze) or a zinc alloy with copper, and what is called nickel silver.

A well-made gong produces a flow of engulfing and blissful waves of feeling, analogous in meaning to Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Truth Force’.

The result of this is a voyage of the psyche,

within Quantum Waters of the 4th dimension.


Being in your dream body is an adventure in a non – dimension, insofar as it has no 3rd Dimension, No Distance, Weight, Time or Size to create friction or resistance. It is the gateway of liberation, an enlightened mental process within the brain’s Cerebral Cortex.

This supra mental force comes through the more highly refined 5th Dimension, a force of Silent Sound bourn from the Waters of the Universal Akasha.

It is only the mind behind the mind that can witness without value judgment the workings of a dualistic personal ego astral dreaming in a brain field preoccupied with materiality. TRANSPERSONAL GONGSHIP

Great beings all have saluted this one and only Singularity, a Higher Mind that precipitates into our mundane thoughts as drops of enlightenment.


All ancestors, no matter their cultural differences, comprise the enlightened lineage of a spiritual and responsible human kind.

Throughout history, the passing of diamond minds through our mundane world has produced the potential of an over-flowing universal spirit of love imminently occupying humanity in its fullness of holistic resonance.We were the ones that we waited for.

And we are still the ones we are waiting for.

Holistic Resonance is Life loving itself.

And it is the Great Gong Tone of Life.

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