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Jenni Roditi
from: Jenni Roditi
Category: Improv

TIC TOC SING - two new improvising choirs

Composer and vocal experimentalist Jenni Roditi is forming two new improvisation choirs.  TIC - The Improvisers Choir and TOC - The Open Choir are calling for vocalists from across genres. Enriched by the proximity of different vocal worlds as well as creatively challenged by it, diverse techniques and intentions will ignite a unique vocal palette of sounds, drawn together under the direction of Jenni Roditi. In the time and space of six rehearsals the choirs will prepare for a concert in December. Auditions will be held between 5th and 9th October for TIC -

The Improvisers Choir, an ensemble gathering experienced improvising vocalists with vocal specialisms or a particularly striking sound that will enrich the ensemble. The parallel non-auditioning choir, TOC - The Open Choir, starting on 17th October, welcomes singers with some experience who want to develop their voice in new ways through exploring improvisation in a relaxed and open-minded environment, working towards joining the December concert. Both choirs will meet for weekly rehearsals, at weekends, participating in a developmental process including working with conducted improvisation and semi-prepared scores.

Jenni Roditi, Artistic Director, said: “We’re at a time of almost frenzied collaboration between different artistic disciplines. With these choirs I want to stay within the music discipline but move in an unchartered way, across and through creative processes of devising, improvising and composing, reassessing conventions of choral singing on the way. As both a composer and an improviser, I want to push my own boundaries and invent a new music-making practice that allows for the possibility of different leadership roles - shaping improvisations through conducting and feeding in musical ideas through singing. The choir will I hope be both spontaneous and coherent, unexpected and harmonious.”

Peter Wiegold, composer and Artistic Director of improvisation ensemble Notes Inégales, commented upon the announcement of this new project: “Jenni’s work is unique: powered by a soulful voice, a deep knowledge of world vocal traditions and a direct and instinctive form of leadership that is both empathetic and ebullient. She simply can bring the best out of people - while at the same time evoking a world of music that ranges from her studies of Indian music, her classical sense of composing and her free spirited improvisations. Go for it!”

These new choirs mark the convergence of Jenni Roditi’s composition, her work in voice movement therapy and more recently her creation of Vocal Tai Chi, which is her own synthesis of a healing and expressive method, developed since 2012.

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