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Tama Do’s Shamanic Journey in the UK

Tama Do’s Shamanic Journey in the UK

In abundant May, and in resonance with energy of the seasonof Beltain, Tama Do realised their first Shamanic journey within the AncientLands of England. It was a magical trip where a beam of sun seemed to highlighteach deep connection to the elements of nature and Druidic legend as wetravelled from place to place. The sound of Kototama was our language to linkwith the ancient trees and the knowledge and awareness that brings us. Usingthe voice (through toning, harmonising and ancient language of Kototama) was avery powerful tool to connect to elemental energy, healing the self and unitingthe group in harmony.  Colour was ourguide, from the spring green of the leaves in Leicestershire through the blueof the May Bluebells, and the coral of the sunset over the Cornwall sea, fadingto a last flash of turquoise as it set. Chi Gon inspired each morning andattuned us to each element of the journey so we could internalise the power andwisdom of each place we encountered. Tama Do’s shamanic experience,incorporating sound, colour and movement , helping us to really embody TamaDo’s teaching’s that there are truly connections ‘from Star to cell’.

For those students from USA, it was a chance to connect toancient memories and knowledge of this land from within them, for those fromEngland; it was truly enriching to explore our nation’s treasures in adifferent depth and understanding. For all of us, it was an enlightening,empowering and joyful experience that Terres Unsoeld created for us all. Welearnt about ourselves:  how connectingto the elements of nature through sound, colour and movement can empower anddevelop us to be who we are. We all developed our ability: to recognise thelatent talents and strengths we have within but do not always harness, to freeourselves from the fears that hold us back from fully shining the essence ofour soul, to truly understand we are never alone and never separate despiteapparent earthly circumstances, to call on all these connections and momentsfrom the shamanic trips in order to heal ourselves or others in the future. Andfor many of us, to acknowledge with gratitude, that with each shamanicworkshop, how far we have come from last year and to see the potential of howwe can reach even further,  with the helpof the teachings of Tama Do (The Way of the Soul) and the support and love ofFabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld.

Tama Do is a catalyst for healing and developing ourselvesas well as facilitating transformation in others, it has been a truly amazinggift for me.  For this reason only, it ismy wish to spread this opportunity to as many people as I can in the Uk. I hopethis article inspires you to find out more on how Fabien’s ‘The way of thesoul’ can help you. Pease see below dates and the Tama Do website for moreinformation and check out, how easy it is to join the journey via our UK eventsin October 2011!

Oct 13th A lecture by Fabien Maman in Leicestershire

Oct 15-16th  Kototama workshop

Oct 17-18th Tama Do Extra Points Body and Soundtechniques Workshop

Oct 18th A lecture by Fabien Maman at The Collegeof Psychic Studies in London

Oct 19-20th 8 Qi Mo (Extra Ordinary Vessels) Tamado Classical Tuning fork techniques workshop

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